Sissy Training 16: Addicted to Cock – Overwhelming Cock Cravings!

Download: Sissy Training 16 Addicted to Cock – Overwhelming Cock Cravings presents: Lady Surrender
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As an honorable mention at Seattle Jasmine’s Annual Sissy Hypno Awards 2014, this is the perfect recording to sissify and program you to have intense cravings of serving and sucking cock.


sissy hypnosis cum dripping down face
Jizzy Dripping wet

OK,, Worlds best,, according to me,, now,, currently my favorite one to dress up and goon to… love riding a big huge dildo while watching this one sniffing poppers.

Sissy hypnosis is the best.

Wouldnt you love to be her, laying on your back with a thick hard cock rammed into you?

Would love to have goo all over my face. Love thick jizz dripping down my face

Oblivious by Claudia Tyler-Mae

John woke up with a slight headache as he usually did after Nina had been trying her hypnosis on him. It never seemed to do much (she said she was building up her skills), but she seemed to enjoy doing it, and it had been a good way to diffuse the argument they’d had. He frowned at the thought of her being so pissed off with him. Usually she’d find some way to get her own back – he just hoped she wouldn’t do anything too embarrassing.

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