Cuckboy: Initiation – Erotic Cuckolding Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst

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This erotic hypnosis will be your first step on your way to become a real cuckboy. Deep in trance, you will watch Mistress Amethyst having fun with another slave. Are you ready?

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Cuckold reward is a special cup of drink.

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A Cuckold story

Very soon after the wedding my wife, Linda, tired of my tiny unsatisfying cock. She began to only allow me to lick her sweet pussy to make her cum. At first, she would still allow me to masturbate. Soon, making me masturbate onto her pussy before I licked my cum from her, giving her several orgasms in the process. But that soon stopped and I was not allowed to cum at all unless she said so.

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How to release a white boy

How to release a white boy

So many white boys are trapped in a lie that has been forced on them ever since they were little boys, the lie that white boys are men.  These poor white boys live this lie daily and deep down inside, they know they are inferior in regards to the dominant Black Male, the only True Men.


Along with this tragedy, white women are forced to live a life of misery and sexual frustration along side their white counterparts.  This cycle of inadequacy has to stop, and the truth needs to be revealed in order for both white girls and white boys to live a natural and fulfilling life.

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