HypnoSissy: Becoming a Cocksucker

Summary: Straight guy watches porn tapes that are not what they seem.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the story idea and the intriguing
revelation that hypno sissy videos exist in the first place.

Note 2: Of course, all participants are at least 18-years-old.

Note 3: Thanks to goamz86, Robert, DomMasterJim and Wayne for editing.


This was tough to choose. It has gay male (a guy sucks a cock), interracial
(a guy sucks a black cock), and it has mind control (with the hypnosis
pieces throughout the story). Yet, in the end it is a quirky, unique,
fetish story and thus I put it in the fetish category.
-This is a hypnosis story with potential influential subliminal messages
within it.

-The story has over a dozen hypnosis video scenes within it.

-Also, the story is about a high school senior’s unknowing journey into
being hypnotized and turned into a willing cocksucker. It is long on plot,
video training and descriptive video scenes and is over 20,000 words long.

That said, hopefully the payoff is worth it.

I hope you enjoy something relatively new from me.




Hypno Sissy: Becoming a Cocksucker As I took the sixth load down my throat,
four more already deposited in my ass and I still had a line of at least
six waiting their turn to deposit their load inside one of my two cum
deposits, I couldn’t help but recall when I was a man and not a sissy bitch
whose only purpose was to be a cum bucket for big dicked men.

Three months earlier…..




I had it all.

Girls lining up to get fucked by me.

In the High School movies it’s always the quarterback who is the star of
the school, dating the stereotypical blonde haired, blue eyed captain of
the cheerleaders.

Well, in my school, I’d already fucked the captain of the cheerleaders,
actually I’d fucked all but two of the cheerleaders, and I assume I would
have bagged them too if they were not dykes.

Every party I attended, I hooked up with a new slut eager to become
popular. They all seemed to want to have one night of big Brian.

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Cuckold reward is a special cup of drink.

sissy cuckold pee humiliation

A Cuckold story

Very soon after the wedding my wife, Linda, tired of my tiny unsatisfying cock. She began to only allow me to lick her sweet pussy to make her cum. At first, she would still allow me to masturbate. Soon, making me masturbate onto her pussy before I licked my cum from her, giving her several orgasms in the process. But that soon stopped and I was not allowed to cum at all unless she said so.

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Oblivious by Claudia Tyler-Mae

John woke up with a slight headache as he usually did after Nina had been trying her hypnosis on him. It never seemed to do much (she said she was building up her skills), but she seemed to enjoy doing it, and it had been a good way to diffuse the argument they’d had. He frowned at the thought of her being so pissed off with him. Usually she’d find some way to get her own back – he just hoped she wouldn’t do anything too embarrassing.

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How to release a white boy

How to release a white boy

So many white boys are trapped in a lie that has been forced on them ever since they were little boys, the lie that white boys are men.  These poor white boys live this lie daily and deep down inside, they know they are inferior in regards to the dominant Black Male, the only True Men.


Along with this tragedy, white women are forced to live a life of misery and sexual frustration along side their white counterparts.  This cycle of inadequacy has to stop, and the truth needs to be revealed in order for both white girls and white boys to live a natural and fulfilling life.

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