HypnoSissy: Becoming a Cocksucker

Summary: Straight guy watches porn tapes that are not what they seem.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the story idea and the intriguing
revelation that hypno sissy videos exist in the first place.

Note 2: Of course, all participants are at least 18-years-old.

Note 3: Thanks to goamz86, Robert, DomMasterJim and Wayne for editing.


This was tough to choose. It has gay male (a guy sucks a cock), interracial
(a guy sucks a black cock), and it has mind control (with the hypnosis
pieces throughout the story). Yet, in the end it is a quirky, unique,
fetish story and thus I put it in the fetish category.
-This is a hypnosis story with potential influential subliminal messages
within it.

-The story has over a dozen hypnosis video scenes within it.

-Also, the story is about a high school senior’s unknowing journey into
being hypnotized and turned into a willing cocksucker. It is long on plot,
video training and descriptive video scenes and is over 20,000 words long.

That said, hopefully the payoff is worth it.

I hope you enjoy something relatively new from me.




Hypno Sissy: Becoming a Cocksucker As I took the sixth load down my throat,
four more already deposited in my ass and I still had a line of at least
six waiting their turn to deposit their load inside one of my two cum
deposits, I couldn’t help but recall when I was a man and not a sissy bitch
whose only purpose was to be a cum bucket for big dicked men.

Three months earlier…..




I had it all.

Girls lining up to get fucked by me.

In the High School movies it’s always the quarterback who is the star of
the school, dating the stereotypical blonde haired, blue eyed captain of
the cheerleaders.

Well, in my school, I’d already fucked the captain of the cheerleaders,
actually I’d fucked all but two of the cheerleaders, and I assume I would
have bagged them too if they were not dykes.

Every party I attended, I hooked up with a new slut eager to become
popular. They all seemed to want to have one night of big Brian.

I’d fucked, besides almost the entire cheerleading team, the school
vice-president, the leader of Glee club, all three nerds in debate club
(all during the same evening… but that is a story for another time),
another couple dozen girls from almost every clique in the school, three
bitches from our rival school (including their head cheerleader), one of my
friend’s moms, a few other MILF’s (including one of my ex-girlfriend’s
mothers) and even a teacher.

Like, I said, I had it all… on top of that I also had dozens of
scholarships from colleges all over the country.

I wasn’t the quarterback, or wide receiver or running back who usually got
all the media attention and glory when we won… no, I was a
linebacker… which meant I was the one who hammered the quarterback for a
sack, clobbered a wide receiver as he went to make a catch or drilled the
running back as he tried to find an open hole to run through.

I can’t explain it, but when it came to football I could almost always read
the play the opponent was going to run.

Thus, like I said, SEC schools were offering me ridiculous scholarships,
including some perks that were not in writing.

Like I said, I had it all.

I was the man.

And I fucking loved it.

It was at a Friday night party in January that things got even more

I was invited to a party at the college in my town, which was desperate to
have me in the fall, although I had no interest in going there… I was
going to go to one of the Big Ten, one that would pave my way to the NFL
and the big fucking money.

And although I was a High School senior, I looked a lot older.

Also, not trying to be pretentious but I’m very good looking and have an
impressive seven plus inch dick.

Thus, women seemed to come onto me.

Tonight was no different.

A half dozen college beauties were all over me… yet it was a hot redhead
that seemed to be ignoring me that drew my interest.

I loved redheads.

They were always wild in bed.

After a few drinks, I sauntered over to her and introduced myself.

She shocked me when she said, “I don’t fuck High School boys.”

I laughed, “Trust me, one time with me and you would.”

She laughed, moving her hand to my crotch, “Because of this?”

“Of course,” I nodded, women usually being very impressed with my package.

“I’ve had bigger, much bigger,” she said, rubbing my cock through my jeans
even as her friends watched amused.

“Well, they say it isn’t the size, it’s how you use it,” I countered, not
one to back down from a challenge.

“Only small dicked boys say size doesn’t matter,” she countered. “Does size
matter ladies?”

“Fuck yes,” one said.

“And girth,” another said.

“Bigger the better,” the last one chipped in.

“Well, I’ve never had any complains before,” I said, still trying to remain
confident even though I was slightly rattled by this redheaded
Goddess. Usually, girls just swooned when I walked into the room… I
seldom had to work hard for pussy.

“What? From High School girls?” she scoffed. “That is the minor
leagues. This,” she paused, as she looked around the party, “is the big

“And I want a starting position,” I smoothly said.

“You are determined,” she smiled, for the first time.

“It’s one of my endearing traits,” I said suavely.

“Do you have more than one?” she asked, quite the ball buster… her hand
still on my dick. “I have a couple more,” I smiled.

“Ladies, do you think Professor Walker would consider this the charity work
she was talking about the other day?” she asked, a wicked smile now on her

I was going to fuck the hell out of her.

“You may get bonus credit,” one girl joked.

“Come with me,” the redhead said, grabbing my hand and leading me out of
the party.

I smiled to myself… excited I had won again.

Ten minutes later we were in her dorm room and she ordered, as she dropped
to her bed and hiked up her skirt, “Let’s see if one of your endearing
traits is licking pussy.”

Oddly, I had only licked pussy twice. Both times it didn’t appeal to me,
the scent pungent and the taste fishy… and I hated fish.

I said, “I’m more a get right to the fucking type of guy.”

“Then bye,” she sighed, pulling her skirt back down.

“Wait, not so fast,” I quickly said, not willing to lose out because of a

“Either get on your fucking knees and bury that pretty face in my box or
get out,” she said, not seeming to care which choice I made.

I didn’t hesitate, really turned on by this strong-willed woman. Usually,
the girls I fucked were eager, submissive and willing to do almost anything
I asked. I’d shot my load on dozens of faces, had girls eat each other out
for me, and had, I think, eighteen girls give up their ass for me.

Never, had I met a girl who was this demanding.

Oddly, it turned me on.

She lifted up her ass and I pulled her panties down for her.

She then spread her legs, revealing a completely shaved pussy, something I
had only seen a couple of times with all the cunt I’d fucked. She ordered,
“Get licking, High School boy.”

And I did.

Her taste wasn’t any better than the other two I tasted, although there was
almost no scent.

I licked and licked and she moaned and talked dirty to me. “That’s it, my
little High School pussy pleaser, lick my cunt.”

Hearing a girl call her pussy a `cunt’ was also surprising as almost all
girls, even some of the nastiest sluts I had banged, resented the `c’
word… it was almost as bad as the `n’ word for blacks.

“I think we finally found a place where you belong, on your knees,” she
continued. And “This is how a man really pleases a woman,” and “You
obviously need more practice if you are ever going to make a girl really

`I have made tons of girls come,’ I thought to myself, even as my cock was
hard and begging for release from this strange, unorthodox treatment.

“My clit, suck on my fucking clit,” she demanded, which only turned me on
more. I found nothing hotter than a girl with a nasty tongue.

The hottest ever was the mom of an ex of mine who would only let me fuck
her in the ass, because, in her own words, anal sex wasn’t cheating. She
was from England and she had the nastiest foul mouth I’d ever heard. As I
fucked her ass, she talked so nasty, “That’s it, pound my shit hole,” and
“Ream my arse with that big fucking dick,” and “Fuck my tight arse hole,”
and finally “Fill my fucking arse deposit with your hot cum.”

Suddenly, the redhead, whose name I realized I still didn’t know, grabbed
the back of my head and began grinding her pussy up and down my face.

I couldn’t believe it. Sure, I had face-fucked quite a few girls and really
fucked the shit out of some… literally… but being on the receiving end
of such aggressiveness had me confused.

I just extended my tongue and allowed my face to be used for another’s
pleasure… after a couple minutes of rough grinding on my face… she

And holy crap… she was a squirter, as my entire face was drenched with
wetness. I tried licking as she came, her cum actually tasting sweet.

A moment later, she pushed me away and I stood up and began to unbuckle my

She asked, “What are you doing?”

“Letting you return the favour,” I said, surprised by her question.

“Um, that isn’t going to happen,” she said, as she stood up and allowed her
skirt to fall back down.

“You’re serious?” I asked, not used to rejection.

“I don’t suck or fuck on the first date,” she smiled, leaning in and
kissing me… her hand going to my pulsing cock.

As she kissed me, she frantically rubbed my cock through my jeans and in
less than thirty seconds I creamed my jeans… moaning into her mouth.

Breaking the kiss, she pulled out her phone from her purse, typed briefly
and said, “Enter your number.”

I took her phone, flattered she wanted it and confused by this whole
strange sexual encounter. As I did I saw my name was `High School cunt
muncher’. I entered my number as I said, “By the way, my name is Brian.”

“I like `High School cunt muncher’ better,” she smiled.

“Do you have a name?” I asked, giving back her phone.

“Yes,” she nodded, as she kissed me again and said, “I’ll be in touch when
I want my cunt munched.”

“Um, okay,” I said, watching as she walked out of her own dorm room,
leaving me alone in it.

Bewildered, I walked out and she was nowhere to be found.

I sighed and headed home, feeling gross with cum dripping all over my

For the next two weeks, I waited for her to call.

For two weeks, I couldn’t really get excited by other girls. Sure I fucked
a few, including the new exchange student from Sweden, but all the time I
was thinking about the unnamed redhead.

Then I got the text:

Hungry? If so, meet me in room 412 of the Health Sciences Building at
3:00. This is a ONE TIME offer High School cunt muncher.

My cock instantly hardened.

Yet, was all she going to use me for was a quick cunt munching?

And if that was the case, was I okay with that?

She completely intrigued me as she treated me like she was the man and me,
the girl. Now, I’m not gay or even remotely feminine, but somehow not being
the one in charge turned me on.

I have no idea why. In all my other sexual encounters it is always about
me, my pleasure, my dick… yet, with her, I don’t know.

I was intoxicated by her and had to see her again.

I texted back:

I’ll be there.

I left school before my final class, Chemistry, and drove to the college,
getting there five minutes late (which was a good ten minutes early for
me… I learned early to always keep the women waiting).

Although when I reached room 412, I was surprised to say the least… it
was the girl’s washroom.

I texted:

I’m here… but room 412 is the girl’s washroom!

I received a text right back:

You’re fucking late. Get your ass in here right fucking now. I’m in the
last stall.

I couldn’t believe it. She wanted me to go into a public girl’s bathroom.

I looked every way, a couple guys were walking towards me so I just leaned
against the opposite wall as if I was waiting for my girlfriend to finish
freshening up… or whatever the fuck girls do in the bathroom.

Another text:

Now or fucking never, cunt muncher!!!

I had to see her again, so I took a deep breath, looked each way quickly,
and then entered the forbidden room… a place every guy wonders
about… the girl’s washroom.

“Hurry up,” she called out, the moment I entered.

I quickly scurried to the end stall and entered. She was already on the
toilet, skirt hiked up and legs spread.

She ordered, “Knees, now.”

I wanted to talk to her, to get to know her (something I never wanted to do
with the plethora of girls I fucked), but startled by her dominant and
perturbed tone, I did as she ordered.

“Don’t just kneel there like a fucking dimwit, get licking,” she demanded.

Again, I obeyed, even though I couldn’t believe I was obeying. Girls came
to me when I wanted a booty call, I didn’t go to them… especially to eat
pussy… yet, that was exactly what I was doing.

I leaned forward and began licking, her scent slightly stronger this time.

She ordered, “Don’t make love to my fucking cunt, eat it.”

I was in such awe of this college girl. She was treating me like a slut
which was completely surreal and, yet again, had my cock hard as steel and
begging for attention.

After a couple more minutes of licking her cunt she asked, “Are you hard?”

“Like a rock,” I answered.

“Pull out your cock,” she ordered.

`Yes’, I thought to myself. I was going to get to fuck this hot redhead.

I began to stand up and she ordered firmly, “Stay on your knees, just fish
out your cock.”

I was again surprised, but obeyed. Although I was a little annoyed, as I
wanted her to see my cock up close and personal… confident that would
impress her… plus, of course, I desperately wanted to fuck her… more
than I had ever wanted to fuck a girl before.

Once I had it out, she said, not seeming at all interested in seeing it,
“Now you can jerk off while you eat my box.”

I was again stunned, but my cock dying for attention, I began stroking my
cock as I leaned forward and resumed eating her, as she called it, box.

As I licked and jerked off at the same time, she moaned, “Oh yes, such a
good boy.”

Surreal words, and yet they flattered me… knowing I was making her happy.

“I want you to come for me, High School boy,” she ordered, a couple of
minutes later. “Come while eating me out.”

And somehow those words were all I needed to erupt, having been close for a
while, and I spewed my load all over the front of the toilet.

“Ohhhhh, yes, come for me,” she moaned.

Those were more like the words I was used to hearing, as rope after rope
shot out of me.

She came a couple of minutes later, again coating my face with an abundance
of pussy juice.

A moment later, she said, “I’ll be in touch.”

“Um, okay,” I nodded, still on my knees, cock out.

“Well go,” she said, shooing me out.

“Okay,” I nodded, again feeling cheap and used… and confused.

I walked out of the bathroom, thankful that no one was around to see me
leaving the girl’s washroom.

I headed home trying to understand this strange relationship I have with
the beautiful redheaded girl whose name I still didn’t know.

The next afternoon, once school was done, now having her cell number, I
texted her:

Can I take you out for dinner?

This was a huge shift for me. I didn’t date… I fucked.

Yet, I wanted this girl more than I had any girl ever. And… as strange as
it was, especially considering how she was treating me, I wanted more than
just sex, I wanted to date her.

An hour later, she responded:

If you want to EAT in, be at my dorm room at 7.

This wasn’t what I asked, but wanting to spend time with her, I wasn’t
going to squabble over semantics or location, I texted back I would be

When I arrived a few minutes early, I was surprised to see another guy open
the door. He was tall, 6’6 at least, and towered over me, something I
wasn’t used to.

He didn’t say anything as he walked out, just as she called out, “Come in,
High School.”

My name was now simply `High School’.

I walked in, closed the door and reminded her, even as I wondered why that
guy had been there (did they just fuck?), “My name is Brian.”

She was on her couch, in a skirt and blouse, her cheeks were red, the red
they get when someone was just fucked, and her hair was slightly

No doubt, she had just had sex.

I was furious.


And yet, even though I should have left, I didn’t. I asked “So, can I take
you out for dinner?”

“Actually I just had a nice snack,” she said, implying the obvious, she had
swallowed the tall guy’s load, “but I do have an essay to write and
wouldn’t mind some oral stimulation.”

So I crawled under her desk and for the next hour I licked her
pussy… slowly… while she wrote an essay, I think, and chatted with her
mother on the phone for a good twenty minutes. I stopped when I realized
she was on the phone with her mother, but she slapped the back of my head.

Once off the phone, she grabbed the back of my head and again used my face
to get off.

Once she was done coming, she asked, rolling her chair back to look down at
me, “Hard?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Let me reward you for being such a good boy,” she said. “Stand up and fish
out that cock.”

I quickly obeyed, happy to get off my knees, and praying this time those
luscious lips were going to wrap around my cock.

Once it was out, she nodded, “Nice cock.”

“Thank you,” I said, as she moved and took it in her hand.

“Do you want to come on my face?” she asked.

“I’d love to do more than that,” I said, trying to regain some of the usual
swagger I had when with women.

“I bet you would,” she purred, as she slowly stroked my cock. “I plan to
fuck the hell out of you one day, my High School cunt muncher, but not
until I believe you are ready.”

“Oh, I’m ready,” I said, my balls about to burst.

“Oh, I know you think you are,” she said, moving her hand faster, “but men,
real men, don’t come in seconds from just being stroked.”

“Ahhhh, fuck,” I groaned, as she was somehow a mind reader, as literally a
couple seconds later I couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot my load all
over her face.

“Bad boy,” she smirked, even as she kept stroking me and my cum kept
splattering against her face. “I don’t recall giving you permission to

“Sorry,” I apologized, even as I realized what she had said.

“Obviously,” she said, scooping some cum off her face and putting it in her
mouth, “you need some discipline training.”

“What does that mean?” I asked, as she slowed down her jerking motion.

“You need to be able to control your orgasm,” she explained, as she stood
up. “Real women like men who can fuck all night.”

“Trust me, I can fuck all night,” I said.

She moved her hand and put a finger in my mouth, which I realized was
coated in my cum.

I gagged.

“What, have you never tasted yourself?”

“What? God, no, that’s gay,” I replied, once she pulled her finger out.

“You need to always know what you taste like,” she continued. “Especially
if you expect women to swallow your load.”

“I guess,” I said, non-committal.

She walked away, then returned with a USB drive. She handed it to me and
asked, “Do you want to be with me?”

“God, yes,” I nodded.

“I’m a complete bitch,” she warned.

“You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever met,” I countered.

“Okay, I’m a hot bitch,” she shrugged, without a smile. “But I’m a
demanding, hot bitch.”

“I’m ready for whatever you want to dish out at me,” I said.

“Remember those words,” she said, again serious as Al Gore talking about
climate change.

“Okay,” I nodded.

“Each night for the next few days you will watch one chapter of the video I
am giving you. You will not go to next chapter until the next day. Although
you can repeat the chapter as many times as you wish.”

“What am I watching?” I asked.

“Videos on how to please me by being able to control your orgasm,” she

“Oh,” I nodded.

“So, as of now you are not to be with anyone else and you will last as long
as you possibly can without coming while you watch these videos… is that

“Yes,” I nodded, thinking I hadn’t gone three days without a mouth or pussy
or ass to fuck in at least 18 months.

“Be a good boy and I will change your life,” she said, leaning in and
kissing me.

I felt fireworks. I already knew there was something about her, but one
kiss and I knew she was the one I could actually date… actually fall in
love with.

Breaking the kiss, she smiled for the first time during this strange
conversation, “By the way, my name is Rose.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Of course it is.”

“Now go, High School, I need to get some work done,” she said, dismissing

“Okay, bye,” I nodded, not wanting to leave.

As I left, she reminded me, “Only one clip a day!”

“I promise,” I nodded, curious to see it. So curious, I asked, “Can I watch
the first part tonight?”

“Eager are we?” she asked.

“For you I am,” I said, trying at every turn to show the swagger that
seemed to disappear when her strong persona took control.

“Sure, High School,” she nodded. “The sooner we get your training started,
the sooner I can rock your world.”

“Great,” I nodded, leaving and feeling giddy with excitement.

I was falling for a girl who I hadn’t yet fucked or even gotten a blow job

Love, it is a crazy thing.


On my way home, she texted:

High School Wear headphones while watching it!!! Trust me! And remember
last as long as you can.

Odd, but as soon as I got home I went to my room, plugged the USB into the
port and saw a dozen files creatively numbered (One — ten, plus two that
were named: Q1 and Q2) video files pop up.

Even more curious, I grabbed my headphones, plugged them into my computer,
and clicked on the video marked: `One’.

I gasped.

It was porn.

In retrospect, that made sense based on her words and text, yet still… no
girl had ever purposely given me porn.

Even weirder is it wasn’t a porn movie, or even a porn scene… but
excessive quick three to five second shots of girls sucking cock.

Even weirder than that was the words that popped up on the screen every
five seconds or so.

-You love cum in your mouth (a cute girl with her mouth wide open with a
load of cum in her mouth)

-Nothing feels better than being his cock whore (a black haired girl with
braces playing with cum that is all over her face)

-Take his dick (a hot white girl leaning forward and taking a massive black
cock in her mouth)

-Be a good little cocksucker (a cute sweet innocent girl slowly bobbing on
a cock that stretched her mouth to ridiculous lengths)

-Please your man (a girl on her knees. With huge tits, looking up with
hunger, stroking a big dick and saying, “God, I love your big fucking

-You want his cum all over your face (a black girl getting a massive load
of cum splattered on her face… the white cum contrasted severely on her
black face)

-Let him do whatever he wants to you (a girl with glasses getting roughly
face-fucked, the guy’s balls bouncing off her chin)

-You’re a cum guzzler (a girl in a ponytail catching a shot of cum in her
open mouth)

-This is how to make your man moan (a Asian girl swirling her tongue around
a thick mushroom top)

– Milk his big dick (a black girl furiously pumping a huge black dick)

In less than a minute, my cock was hard as hell and begging for
attention… but I ignored it… understanding already how this was a test.

-You want cum (a girl in a school girl’s outfit on her knees begging `Give
me your load, I want your cum exploding down my throat)

-Take his fucking load (a brunette with crystal blue eyes sucking cock as
cum leaks out of her mouth)

Then for thirty seconds straight there was picture after picture of girls
sucking cock. Each hotter than the next. All the while the same words kept
popping up in different fonts, different colours:











Then it returned to messages every few seconds:

-Let him use you (an older woman, a really hot older woman, stroking a big
cock while sucking on just the mushroom top)

-Wank his massive pecker and take his huge creamy load (a blonde pumping a
huge dick while it splattered her face)

-Look at him when you service his glorious member (a girl with a mouthful
of cock, her blues eyes looking up longingly)

-You want to swallow his cum (a redhead, fuck I love redheads, clearly
swallowing a load)

-Tell him how much you want his dick (a hot blonde begging, “Please give me
that big cock of yours. Fuck my face with that huge fuck stick”)

-Let him make you his bitch (a chubby, but eager brunette, deep throating a
long, thick cock)

-Worship his balls, cocksucker (a hot as hell blonde was on her back
sucking on a huge sack)

-You know you love it (a petite girl in a ballerina outfit stroking two
cocks while sucking another)

-Let him use you so he can get off (a teacher on her knees sucking the big
cock of a guy sitting on her desk)

-Your sole purpose is to make him happy (a cheerleader with her head held
against a cock lodged deep in her throat)

-Your sole purpose is to suck cock (a MILF sucking the cock of a guy who
was young enough to be her son)

-Your sole purpose is to swallow cum (a pretty brunette with her mouth open
as cum rocketed in her mouth)

Then, again, for thirty seconds straight there were the same pictures of
girls sucking cock. Again with the same two words:











God, I wanted to come, as I slowly, mindlessly, rubbed my cock through my
jeans, completely turned on by the nasty video.

-Open wide and take that big fuck stick in between those cocksucker lips (a
tiny raven haired beauty had her mouth open wide as a huge thick cock moved
towards her)

-Beg for cock (a pretty older woman begged a much younger man, “Please
shove that massive cock in my mouth and face fuck me”)

-You were born to suck (a cute girl in pigtails sucked in slow motion on a
thick dick)

-You get pleasure from sucking cock (a huge breasted girl with dyed purple
hair cupping her breasts as she sucked cock)

-Let him use you, it’s what he wants (a pretty woman, wedding ring on her
finger, with a man holding her head and fucking her roughly)

-You love getting hot with warm cum all over your pretty face (a lawyer in
a courtroom getting a facial from her heavily tattooed client)

-Satisfy him, make him happy, your purpose is to serve (a girl, dressed as
a nun, was on her knees sucking cock)

-You love being his suck toy (an older woman was being face fucked and then
cummed on)

-Swallow the entire yummy load (a blonde, with red streaks, showed a
mouthful of cum and then swallowed it while looking directly at the camera)

-You get horny from sucking big dicks (a sexy girl in lingerie was on her
back rubbing herself while a cock slid in and out of her mouth)

-This is who you really are, a cocksucker (three girls sucking three cocks

-Now you’re his whore! Take his fucking load (a girl getting a facial over
and over again)

Then, again, the same pictures of girls sucking cock. Again with the same
two words:











I was now furiously pumping my cock, which I had pulled out a minute
earlier while words flashed furiously over and over as girl after girl got
a full face of cum.









And I did… on command… my cum rocketing out of me like a missile headed
for space as the final words stayed on the screen.


I couldn’t believe how hot that video was, somehow way more stimulating
than a normal porn movie or scene.

I also couldn’t believe that Rose would give me such a video to watch.

Feeling compelled to tell her the truth, I texted:

Lasted until the very end of the first video.

She texted back a few minutes later, after I had cleaned myself and my

Did you come when you were told to?

I replied back, realizing that was indeed when I came:

Yes, when the words ordered me to.

She replied:

Good boy.

And although the words were condescending, they somehow felt right.

I replied:

Thank you.

She texted back:

You may watch the second video tomorrow. No more than one a day, although
you can watch it over and over again if you wish.

I replied:

I can’t believe you gave me such a nasty video to watch.

She replied:

Did you see me in the video?

I gasped.

I hadn’t at all.

I asked:

Are you in there?

She responded:

Yep. I LOVE sucking cock.

I replied, my cock, which had just begun to go into slumber waking back up:

Well, I’m always available.

She replied:

Be a good boy and I will give you pleasure you couldn’t even begin to

And my cock was hard again.

Another text:

Now don’t text me until you have finished the next video tomorrow. Sweet
cum dreams.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to text her to respond or obey her very
words… but not wanting to look even more clingy and pathetic than I
already did, I resisted responding.

Instead I watched the video again, looking for her.

And again.

And again.

And during the fourth viewing I came again, the video too hot to resist.

Then, finally, on the fifth viewing I saw her. She was one of the very
quick picture changes during the end of the film (a load of cum dripping
off her face)… ironically when the words `CUM NOW’ popped on the
screen. Ironic because I even obeyed her subconsciously.

As I got ready for bed, suddenly exhausted, I began to wonder if I wasn’t
getting in over my head.

This girl was obviously crazy.

Yet, I was undoubtedly crazy for her.


All day at school, I kept thinking of Rose.

I kept thinking of the video.

I kept thinking about the second video.

So much so that I came home at lunch and went right to my room, got
undressed, put on my headphones, and clicked on video two.

This time I wasn’t surprised to see it was porn.

This time though, a sexy, sultry, feminine voice said the words when they
popped up onto the screen… this made the video even hotter.

This time the pictures were all video and didn’t line up as perfectly to
the words on the screen… it was just random videos of girls sucking dick,
getting fucked, playing with themselves, stroking cocks and taking it in
the ass.

The words, though, seemed to have a slightly more logical transition.

You’re a slut A cock slut

And what does a cock slut do? Sucks big… hard… cocks Yogurt Slingers
Meat sticks Dicks Peckers Rods Stiff Popsicles Sledgehammers Dongs Big
Willies Daggers Cocks

Now get on your knees and suck that cock Suck it like you’re his bitch YOU
ARE HIS BITCH Like you’re his cum bucket YOU ARE HIS CUM BUCKET Suck it
like a cheap cock hungry bimbo YOU ARE A CHEAP COCK HUNGRY BIMBO

So lick his long hard shaft Suck on his big full balls Deep throat his
thick dick

Now be his fucking whore Give your man what he needs His personal
cocksucker His personal cum deposit

Bob like a slut Take all his stiff erection in your mouth Deep throat like
a whore Take his entire missile in the back of your throat

Open wide You want to taste his cum You love cum Cum Cum Cum Cum on your
tongue Cum down your throat Cum in your belly Cum all over your face Cum
Cum Cum

Take his full load That is what you were born to do Suck cock Eat cum

Let him use you as his cum whore That’s what you are

A cum whore

Say it I’m a cum whore!

Say it dammit I’m a cum whore!

Say it now you fucking slut I’m a cum whore!

So intoxicated by the video, so drawn in, I heard myself say, “I’m a cum

Let him empty his balls Inside you All over you

Make him happy like this Drink the cum from his dick That yummy gooey cum
Cum tastes so good Cum Jizz Semen Cum Jizz Semen Always swallow Swallow
Swallow Swallow

Cum now, slut Cum from pleasing your man From servicing cock

Cum for me Shoot that big load all over my face Cum for me Show me how much
you love me Cum for me Cum for me Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

And I did.

My balls again erupting with the intensity of a rocket launch as I
furiously stroked my cock.

“Brian!” a shocked voice said, even as I kept stroking my cock.

“Brian!” the voice repeated, this time bringing me back to reality.

I opened my eyes and gasped.

My mother was staring at me with a shocked and disgusted look on her face.

As I pulled off my headphones, she said tersely, “You are late for school.”

I stammered, even as cum dripped off the end of my dick, “I’m s-s-sorry.”

She shook her head, “We will talk about this later,” and thankfully left.

Mortified, I closed the computer and got dressed. I couldn’t believe Mom
just caught me jerking off.


Thankfully, she wasn’t home when I came downstairs a couple minutes later
and I headed back to school.

I texted Rose:

The second video was amazing. Not so amazing, my Mom walked in on me at
lunch just as I shot my load.

She didn’t respond all afternoon, which made me feel like the girl in the
relationship as I kept checking my cell for a response.

When I wasn’t checking my cell phone for a message from Rose, I was trying
to decide how the hell I was going to explain why I was home at lunch and
why I was doing what I was doing.

As the school day ended, Rose texted me back.

Too funny! But a mother must know that her son masturbates. Did you enjoy
the video? Did you refrain from coming?

Shit! I didn’t refrain from coming.

I was so intoxicated by the video that I forgot all about the purpose of
the video. I did realize I came when told to though.

So I texted her back:

I came When I was told to.

She texted back:

You are a good obedient boy. Do you want a treat?

I quickly texted back without even thinking that all she probably wanted me
for was to eat her out… I just wanted to see her:


Her response:

Meet me at the Lodge Mall, ASAP. I’ll be in the Victoria’s Secret.

I responded that I was on my way. I quickly got into my car, already hard,
and drove the fifteen minutes to the mall… not even considering how I was
going to get my treat.

I got there and she was chatting with a pretty, short brunette who had a
stunning resemblance to Mila Kunis.

I walked up to them and greeted, “Hey, baby.”

Rose looked at me and asked, “Hungry?”

I responded, “Starving.”

“Even after Mommy caught you spanking your monkey?” she asked, right in
front of a complete stranger.

I stammered, surprised by her frankness, although based on our few
encounters I shouldn’t have been, “Y-y-yes.”

“Don’t worry, High School, Simone and I tell each other everything,” she

“Um, okay,” I nodded, feeling awkward.

Simone added, “I hear you are a pretty good cunt muncher.”

“That I am,” I nodded, trying to be suave.

“Let’s find out,” Simone said, grabbing my hand.

I looked at Rose who shrugged, “We also share everything, so be a good boy
and make her happy.”

My head was spinning, even as I followed the hot brunette down a hallway
and into a back room.

Once inside, she lifted up her skirt and ordered, “Get licking.”

Although surprised, I dropped to my knees and stared at her perfectly
shaved pussy.

“Hurry up, I only have a fifteen minute break,” she ordered, as she grabbed
my head and pulled me into her wetness.

I began licking, still trying to understand what kind of relationship I was
in with Rose.

“That’s it, get that tongue up my snatch,” Simone demanded.

I obeyed, even though I thought I was already doing that.

Her scent was stronger, as was her taste… not gross, but not heavenly

The entire time I licked, I tried to understand Rose.

She was an enigma.

Were we dating? Clearly not.

Could we be dating? Maybe.

Would I do anything to win her over? Yes.

Which was why I was licking a complete stranger’s pussy in the back room of
a Victoria’s Secret.

After a few minutes, where my neck was getting sore because of the odd
angle I was positioned in, she came… unlike the excessive splashing of
Rose, Simone’s cum was subtle and seemed to just flow slowly out of her and
into my open mouth.

Once done, she nodded, as she dropped her skirt back down, “Rose was

“Um, thanks,” I said.

“I may beckon you again,” she said, before adding, “now go away.”

“Um, okay,” I nodded, getting up and leaving. Walking out to the store, I
couldn’t find Rose anywhere.

I texted:

Where are you?

She replied:

Heading back to the dorm. I hope you enjoyed your treat.

I replied:

I was hoping for a different treat.

She replied:

Good things CUM to those who wait. And since you are progressing so well,
I expect you to watch the third video tonight. And try to last until at
least the second viewing.

I sighed at the reality she was gone, but got excited about a third video,
although it would have to wait until later as tonight was paintball night
with the guys.

I went home, talked to Mom, more confident after realizing Rose was
right… I was a guy and guys jerked off.

Mom was more concerned about me missing class, but I told her I hadn’t
missed any as I had left after my morning class and had study hall after

She then joked, “Lock the door!”

I agreed that was a very good idea.

So at eleven, tired and sore from paintball, but super excited to watch the
third video, I locked the door, got my laptop ready, put my headphones on
and started watching video number three.

This one was all girls at a glory hole. A place I had never been to in my
life, although I knew there was one just a few blocks from our school at a
seedy adult shop.

Like the first two, words popped up on the screen, this time always big and
in red, which dominated the screen for the couple seconds they were there,
as girls sucked cock after cock.

The words were:

You’re hungry! For cock Big hard juicy cock

Your hunger for cock brought you here For cock Thick stiff dick

The Gloryhole

You’re a slut for cum Gobs of yummy cum Cum in your mouth Cum down your
throat Cum all over your face

You needed a snack Or snacks Of cock Of cum Delicious cum

You can suck as much cock as you want here Men line up to give you what you
hunger Men waiting to fill your mouth

It’s time to get your daily cum fix It’s time to satisfy your hunger It’s
time to feed your insatiable craving It’s time to get on your knees



How much cum can you eat? How much cum do you need?

Just keep sucking Just keep tasting Suck every cock Swallow every drop You
never want to stop

It just feels so good A hard cock in your mouth A warm load gliding down
your throat Pulsing cocks flooding your mouth Thick cum filling your belly
Cock after cock sliding into your mouth Each one squirting warm cum into

As I resisted touching my raging hard-on, the pictures shifted to big cocks
shooting cum as the words `SUCK COCK’ and `EAT CUM’ repeated after each





Those words were repeated for a couple of minutes, almost until I oddly
felt the words were speaking to me.

Then load after load splattered girl’s faces as a variety of words for cum
flashed on the screen.


I couldn’t explain it, but my mouth watered as I stared at cock after cock
shooting load after load.

Even as my cock ached.

I shook my head as the video ended with the words:


Part of me was proud, I had resisted touching myself… barely, but I had
done it.

The other part of me was confused by the brief moment of being excited
about staring at cock.

I wasn’t gay.

I had no interest in men.

I had no desire to suck a cock.

And I definitely had no interest in swallowing cum.

Yet, fuck, was I ready to bust a nut.

So, I pressed play again and furiously pumped my cock… coming before the
video hit the one minute mark.

After I cleaned up, I texted Rose:

Finished video three. Lasted to a second viewing… barely. I don’t know
what you’re doing to me, but God they turn me on.

She didn’t respond.

And I crashed hard.

That night, I kept having the cocks shooting their loads over and over
replay in my dream.

I woke up a dozen times and yet every time I drifted back to sleep the
cocks returned.

By the time the alarm went off, I was still exhausted and wished it was
Friday… alas, it was only Thursday.

I was like a zombie through the morning until I got a text from Rose.

High School Go home RIGHT now and watch the fourth video. I want you ready
for this weekend!!!

My eyes went wide.

My cock got hard.

This weekend!!!

It was almost lunch, so I told my teacher that I had an appointment with a
counsellor and headed home for an early lunch.

Another text:

Don’t you come the first time you watch it!!! Then call me once you have
watched it once. Is that clear?

It was weird to be given orders by a girl and yet I didn’t even hesitate as
I replied:

As you wish!

She responded, just as I got to my car:

Good boy!

I drove home quickly, trying not to speed, but speeding nonetheless.

As soon as I got home, I hurried upstairs and got the fourth clip
ready. The headphones on, I pressed play.

It started slower, with a girl putting on a pair of stockings with a sultry
female voice saying the words as they popped onto the screen.

Whores dress up for cock

Then a different girl putting lipstick on her perfect lips.

Get your pretty lips ready for cock

Then a bunch of girls’ pictures flashing by as they puckered their lips.
Get ready for a nice big cock.

Then a dozen scenes of girls sucking cock with the sultry voice saying a
brief, nasty sentence every few seconds.

You love having a big juicy COCK fucking your COCK sucking mouth You’re
such a dirty COCK whore You love COCK Big hard COCKS Thick hard COCKS White
COCKS, black COCKS, any COCK you can get your mouth on You’re a dirty COCK
sucking machine You were born to suck COCK Feel that COCK pulse in your
slut mouth Beg for that COCK to use your face for his pleasure You’re a

Then the pictures changed to girls swallowing cum and getting facials and
the key bold word changed from COCK to CUM.

The sultry voice made the video even hotter and it was taking all my will
power to not touch my cock, which had created an impressive tent in my

You want a big gooey load of CUM CUM makes you happy CUM splattering your
face turns you on You are a CUM guzzling whore Feel that hot load of CUM
slide down your throat Catch that CUM rocketing out of that glorious cannon
Good girls swallow every last drop of their dominant man’s CUM You crave
load after load of CUM on your face, down your throat and in your belly.
Nothing feels better than being coated with warm, sticky CUM Drink CUM
every day for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner You were born to eat CUM
Your reward for being a good cocksucker is CUM CUM CUM CUM CUM EAT THAT CUM

Hearing the sexy porn star voice repeating the word `cum’ over and over
again had me ready to erupt.

More pictures of hot, hot girls sucking cock.

Wrap your mouth around the COCK It’s good to be a COCK slut Cock is so
fucking beautiful Big, hard, juicy COCK COCK makes you horny, so fucking
horny YOU Love the taste of COCK COCK COCK COCK You crave COCK You adore
COCK You COCK whore

Then it was pictures of big cocks shooting their loads on girl’s faces, but
this time the focus was on the cocks.

God, I wanted to come… but I wanted to still have my full load when I
called Rose.

Take all the CUM from your man’s dick You want CUM so fucking bad You need
CUM You crave CUM Drink CUM everyday Wear CUM everyday CUM CUM CUM Your
mouth is a CUM deposit Your face is a CUM canvas Your belly is a CUM bucket

Then it switched to a girl licking a thick juicy mushroom top like it was a
lollipop or the end of an ice cream cone as the words scrolled up the
screen for a good fifteen seconds.

This is what you were born for To suck COCK When you were young you sucked
on your Mommy’s nipples When you got older you sucked on your soother When
you got even older you sucked on popsicles and lollipops And now Now you
are ready to suck what you were born to suck COCK Big hard COCK

It then switched to, for the first time, girls getting fucked in-between
girls sucking cock.

Not touching my cock was the hardest thing to do.

It’s sooooo good to be a COCK slut Those pretty lips were made to suck COCK
Big juicy COCK You want to have that COCK fuck your face You want to have
that COCK pound your cunt You want to have that COCK erupt inside you
You’re a good COCKsucker You’re going to keep that COCK in your mouth for
as long as you can Feel that cock tickling the back of your throat

Oh God, you want his CUM, don’t you slut You want his CUM sliding down your
throat, don’t you cocksucker You want his CUM erupting onto your face,
don’t you bitch You want a full load of his warm fresh cum, don’t you
cocksucker You want to catch that yummy load of CUM as it explodes out of
him, don’t you CUM bucket You want his CUM so bad Say it, slut Say it, NOW
Say you want his CUM

Her sultry voice was so demanding that I felt compelled to obey and said,
“Yes, yes, I want his cum.”

As soon as I said it I gasped.

Good girl Slap your face with his COCK Look while you suck his COCK Beg him
to have his COCK in your mouth Sucking COCK is a privilege Sucking COCK is
an honour Thank him for his COCK Thank him for his CUM

As a girl, her face coated in a few loads of cum, smiled into the camera
and said, “You’re a good girl.”

Then a cock appeared and erupted right into the camera followed by the

Enjoy your snack, COCKsucker

Then it faded to black with the final words:

Good girl You are now an official CUM slut

I couldn’t believe how horny I was. My balls were ready to erupt without me
even touching myself.

I quickly called Rose and she asked, “Did you make it?”

“Barely,” I answered.

“Ready to come?” she asked.

“God, yes,” I said.

“Is your cock out?”


“Pull it out.”


“Now I want you to turn the volume up so I can hear it.”

“What if my Mom comes home?”

“Then she will hear you coming.”

“Okay, okay,” I said, too far gone to worry about getting caught… again.

“Now I want you to click on Q1 and stroke your cock while watching it. When
you come, I want you to catch it all in your hand,” she said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Don’t ask the Mistress her trade secrets,” she scolded.

`Mistress’ I pondered. Is that what this was turning in to?

“Okay,” I agreed, my desire to come, to obey her, overriding the alarm
bells that were ringing in my head.

“Put me on speakerphone and start watching.” She ordered.


I unplugged the headphones, turned the volume up, put the phone close to
the laptop, got on my knees so I could jerk off and apparently catch my own
cum and pressed play.

The clip instantly started with rough face fucking and words appearing
every couple of seconds as a different girl was face fucked.

On your knees, slut Suck that cock Savour that sweet taste Let him fill
your mouth Swallow his full load Make him happy Cock makes you happy Suck
as many as you can You’re just another cock sucking slut Let him ram it
down your throat Let him fuck that slut mouth of yours Beg for his cock Beg
for his cum

“Beg to come,” Rose ordered, startling me.

I was desperately close and didn’t hesitate as I begged, “Please let me

“Please let me come, what?” she asked.

“Mistress,” I quickly added, completely intoxicated by her. “Please let me
come, Mistress.”

“And you’ll be my good boy?” she asked.

“Yessssss, Mistress,” I moaned, holding back form coming.

“My obedient, good boy?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I weakly said.

“Come in your hand now, you fucking slut,” she ordered.

And I did… instantly… grunting and shooting a big load into my hand.

“That’s it, slut, come for me, come like a little bitch,” she continued.

The name calling was demeaning and yet, in the heat of the moment, it only
added to the intense pleasure I was currently experiencing.

“Yessss, Mistress,” I weakly groaned, as I kept coming into my hand.

“Good boy,” she purred, shifting seamlessly from dominant to tender.

“Fuck, that was intense,” I said, as I looked at the full load in my hand.

“Now, eat your cum,” she said, completely catching me off guard.

“Excuse me?” I asked, praying I hadn’t heard her right.

“Eat your cum,” she repeated.

“But I….” I began, but was cut off.

“Do you want me to suck your cock and swallow your load?” she asked.

“That would be awesome,” I said.

“Well, I don’t do anything that my partner won’t do,” she explained.

I thought to myself that eating my own cum would only be half the task, as
when she sucked me she would be doing something I hadn’t done, but I chose
not to mention that.

Instead I asked, “Isn’t that kind of gay?”

“I’ve tasted myself, does that make me a lesbian?” she asked.

“I guess not,” I replied, although somehow a guy eating his own cum seemed
a lot gayer than a girl tasting her pussy from her fingers.

“And if you expect a girl to swallow your cum, shouldn’t you know what it
tastes like?” she asked.

That oddly made sense. “I suppose.”

“No, I know. Now eat your cum,” she ordered, “I have to get to class.”

I considered just pretending to and yet I felt both compelled to obey and a
strange sense of curiosity. All those girls seemed to like the taste of
cum… how bad could it be.

“Okay,” I said, and slowly moved the big load of white goo to my mouth.

I paused.

I couldn’t do it.

“Now, slut,” Rose ordered. “Eat that big, juicy load of cum.”

Being called a slut and having the vivid description of cum pushed me past
the invisible line of no return as I quickly moved my hand to my mouth and
sucked my cum into my mouth.

To my surprise it wasn’t gross at all.

If anything it was kind of good… salty and sweet.

“Good boy,” she purred, before adding, “lick your entire hand clean. Never
waste a drop of cum.”

I again obeyed as I licked the rest of my cum off my hand.

“I got to go, but I expect you to watch video five tonight and when you
come I expect you to eat it again,” she ordered.

“Okay,” I said, not sure I actually would do it.

“Be a good boy, obey and Saturday night I am going to rock your
world… literally,” she said.

“Is that a promise?” I asked, the idea of finally having her sucking my
cock or, better yet, getting to fuck her instantly exciting.

“Trust me, after Saturday night you will be a changed man,” she said. “But
I got to go, love ya, Brian,”

Then she hung up.

My head was spinning.

Saturday night… rock my world… love ya… she even actually used my

This girl was an enigma… a puzzle with a lot of pieces still missing… a
crossword puzzle with a lot of complex clues.

And I was completely in LUST with her.


That night, the door locked, the headphones on, I clicked on video five.

This one had a title scroll across it.

Good Girl vs Bad Girl: To suck cock or not to suck cock

This video, like the others, had tons of amazingly beautiful girls sucking
cock, but this time there were two voices… one firm, dominant and yet
sexy, the other sweet and sultry.

This one also seemed to have more close-ups of the cock. Besides the video
and pictures of girls sucking big cocks, the two voices seeming to battle
each other (in the most twisted version of the Devil Went Down in Georgia
ever), words popped up on the screen every ten seconds or so… less than
the past videos.

Voice 1: Worship cock Voice 2: Don’t worship it

Put it all in your cute little mouth Don’t be a bad girl, you’re a good

Text: Big juicy cock

Take that cock deeper and deeper You’re not getting aroused by this

Focus only on his big hard cock and how much you love it in your mouth You
don’t want that snake invading your innocent mouth

Love to suck hard man meat

Suck it all the way into your mouth You don’t want to be a cock slut

Enjoy that cock sliding in and out of your mouth Don’t enjoy it, you’re a
good girl

Nothing is better than a warm load of cum heating up your belly

Feel it pulsing and throbbing in your mouth Don’t… don’t let it pulse in
your mouth

Feel the veins as the blood rushes to the tip of the cock Don’t touch
yourself… don’t allow yourself to get excited

Big fat thick cock

Deeper in your mouth, get it nice and hard Don’t let it get hard in your

Feel the balls bouncing off your chin as he fucks your face Don’t allow him
to face fuck your pretty face, you’re a sweet girl

Cocks are yummy

You feel great pleasure on your knees with a cock in your mouth Don’t allow
yourself to get aroused

Be a good little cocksucker Control yourself, resist the temptation

You crave cum

Come on you little cock sucking whore Take that big cock in your mouth
Don’t do it, don’t become a cocksucker

You crave the taste of cock You crave the taste of cock You crave the taste
of cock You enjoy worshipping it Resist the growing temptation, you’re a
good girl, such a good girl

You love big hard dicks

Worship it Enjoy it Feels so good Feels so right So natural This is where
you were meant to be On your knees On your knees On your knees Fight it!

Good sluts live on their knees

Make him cum in your mouth Down that slutty throat Make him shoot his load
in your mouth And warm your belly Open your mouth wide Resist with
everything you have, you’re not a cum whore

At the count of ten he is going to come in your mouth and you are going to
come too You’re going to feel his semen, his hot semen Don’t let him or
you’ll be aroused forever when you see a big juicy dick

Big juicy dick

You’re going to feel semen fill your mouth Catch his semen in your mouth
Savour the sweet taste Hot, hot, hot, semen Don’t let him cum in your
mouth, you’re a good girl and good girls don’t suck cock, they don’t eat

When he comes, you’re going to come Because cocksuckers get the most
pleasure from making others come Cocksuckers were born to please To serve
To suck To swallow Cocksucker Cocksucker Cocksucker


So much arousal, When he comes you’re going to feel so much pleasure
Pleasure unlike any you have ever experienced in your life As you
understand your purpose in life It’s so fun to be a bad girl A very good
bad girl A very good cocksucker Cocksucker Cocksucker Cocksucker Don’t
come, don’t let him come in your mouth


Ten: Suck it! Worship it! Adore it! Resist it Nine: Take it deep in your
fucking throat Resist it Eight: Imagine that semen flowing out of his cock
and into your eager mouth Resist Seven: The hot seed that only can be
produced in the balls of a man Resist Six: Suck that hard juicy cock Damn
it feels so good… shit! Five: Feel the hardness that you caused with
that cock sucking mouth of yours Fight it, fight it, fight it, fight it,
fight it Four: Keep sucking it, your only purpose is to please a cock No,
no, no Three: Come on, cocksucker, you want nothing more than to be on your
knees, sucking cock after cock after cock after cock after cock Oh fuck,
resist Two: You want his cum, don’t you? You want to be the perfect
cocksucker Oh God, say no, fight, fight, fight One: You can literally feel
the anticipation as his cock pulses in your mouth ready to ejaculate and
give you the greatest present a man can give you… his cum Resiiiiiiiist
Zero: He’s coming all over your face, he’s filling your mouth It’s too late
Swallow that cum, swallow You have to swallow Swallow Swallow Swallow
Swallow every drop Swallow every drop of that cum That sweet addicting cum
That delicious man made desert You’re a whore now, there is no going back,
you’re a bad girl It feels sooooo good to be bad Feel it sliding down your
throat Flowing down your body and filling your tummy You feel sooooo
complete now

Sucking cock makes you happy

After you cum, keep watching… this is what you were meant to do To
worship cock To suck dick To swallow cum To be a cocksucker A cocksucker A
cocksucker To be owned To be controlled By a beautiful penis A delicious
hard cock A throbbing exploding dick It’s so strong So powerful So mystical
A cock A dick

You were born to suck cock

Sucking cock feels good Sucking cock makes you happy Sluts are happy Sluts
are obedient Sluts are born to please

You’re a slut!

And the video fades….

As soon as the video ended, I pressed play again and began stroking my

I went slow, wanting to make this last as long as possible.

I watched the video again.

I listened to the two girls play angel vs devil on my shoulder, trying to
convince me each was right.

I watched girls suck cock after cock.

Big, hard, juicy cocks.

Fuck what was I saying?

Yet, I couldn’t take my eyes off the big cocks, the hot girls, the huge
loads of cum.

I lasted almost half the video before coming, again catching my load in my

I couldn’t explain it… I’m not gay… but I was craving my cum again.

And as soon as I was done, I moved my hand up to my mouth and lapped up my

God, I tasted good.

No wonder girls loved sucking my cock and swallowing my load.

As soon as I thought that, I wanted to slap myself.

What the fuck was I saying?

I stopped the video, shut down my laptop and lay in bed trying to figure
out how this day had progressed.

I now had a Mistress, I think.

I had now eaten two loads of my own cum and found it tasty.

I needed to get to Saturday and fuck the hell out of Rose. I needed to
reclaim my manhood.

That night I had a crazy dream where I was on my knees eating Rose’s pussy,
but then just as she was about to come… it changed into a cock and she
sprayed my face with her cum.


Yet, the next morning, instead of reclaiming my manhood, I pressed play on
number 6, my cock already hard.

This time the words were on a black screen for a few seconds by themselves
spoken by another sexy, sultry voice… a voice so soothing it was as if
she was talking directly to me, which was ludicrous but that was what it
felt like. And then there would be one picture at a time of a nice hard
cock spraying his load all over a girl.

I’m here to make your dreams CUM true Your dream of having a hard throbbing
cock in your mouth You dream of a massive load exploding on your face You
want to feel milky cum sliding down your throat You want to taste the sweet
salty seed You little fucking cum whore You love cock You love cum

You’re a cock slut Obey You’re a cock slut Accept You’re a cock slut
Mindless You’re a cock slut, Accept

The voice, the slow pacing, the massive cum shots all had my cock ready and
revving to go… but I resisted… I wanted to see the whole video.

You want to give him what he wants You want to be the cum bucket of his
dreams You want to get him off like no other slut ever has You want to feel
his hard cock sliding in and out of your mouth You want to swallow his
massive load You want to feel his warm cum coating your pretty face

You’re a hungry little cum slut, Relax You’re a hungry little cum slut,
Accept You’re a hungry little cum slut, Submissive You’re a hungry little
cum slut, Accept.

Then the video changed. A guy stroking his cock by himself was all there
was as words came on the screen and the hot woman kept speaking, her words
echoing as she spoke them.

You love a dick in your mouth Worship cock Text: Taste it You love that
beautiful cock Worship cock That cock is throbbing for you Feel it throb in
your mouth Worship cock Imagine his hands on your head guiding you to your
natural place Feel his cock pulse in your mouth Worship cock Remember you
are his good girl He can do whatever he wants to you Worship cock Suck cock
Stroke cock Swallow cock Lick cock Worship Cock Cock Cock

Then the words on the screen matched the girl’s voice as the guy stroked
faster. I couldn’t explain it… I’m not gay… but I wanted to see him
shoot his load.

Get ready You’ve had nothing to eat all day And you know what you want Say
it CUM You want his cum Beg for it You want his cum Say it, slut You’re
happy to eat cum You’re happy to dine on his cock You’re happy to be a
cocksucker Repeat after me

And as bizarre as it sounds… I repeated every word she said as I watched
the guy stroke his huge, perfect cock.

I want that big hard cock in my mouth

“I want that big hard cock in my mouth,” I repeated, completely transfixed
by the cock staring at me and her hypnotic words.

“I am a cocksucker born to suck big dicks.”

I again repeated, even though I found the words bizarre as they flowed out
of my mouth, even as I stared at the perfectly smooth cock, “I am a
cocksucker born to suck big hard juicy dicks.”

I didn’t realize until after I said it I had added `hard juicy’ in my

I want nothing more than to be on my knees serving cocks

Completely intoxicated by the words, the dick, I was no longer in control
of my mind, as I repeated verbatim as I was told, “I want nothing more than
to be on my knees serving cocks.”

Oddly, I got onto my knees and started stroking my raging hard-on.

I love cum. Sweet gooey cum. I want to swallow a big load of man cum

My mouth watered as I thought about my own cum which I could be eating
soon. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have my cock in
my mouth so I could swallow it directly from the source as I repeated like
a bimbo, “I love cum. Sweet gooey cum. I want to swallow a big load of man

I’m a slut for cock

“I’m a slut for cock.”

For big, hard, thick, stiff, juicy cock

“For big, hard, thick, stiff, juicy cock.”

For a full load of sweet, salty cum

“For a full load of sweet, salty cum.”

I need a cock fucking my face soooooo bad

“I need a cock fucking my face soooooo bad,” I repeated, my mouth watering
and my mind spinning with a lust I couldn’t explain as I kept staring at
that cock as he pumped faster and faster.

Shoot that load all over my face

“Shoot that load all over my face,” I demanded, as he suddenly shot his
massive load in the air.

I tried catching it, briefly forgetting I was watching a video, that I was
straight, just as I shot my own load all over my black comforter.

The orgasm was so intense as lust and shame cascaded through my body and I
realized in an instant that I had just come at the idea of sucking cock.

Yet, I just kept coming and coming.

Once finished, I didn’t even hesitate as I bent down and licked that big
load of mine off my comforter, feeling an insatiable desire to eat my cum,
a mental reaction that I shouldn’t waste precious cum, but also a physical
reaction as well as my body just guided me to the yummy goo.

I licked it all up, satisfying my cum hunger before a light bulb went on in
my head.

What the fuck was I doing?

Why was I getting turned on by cock?

Why was I craving cum?

Why did Rose want me to watch these videos?

I closed my laptop, disgusted with myself.

I was no cocksucker.

I sure as hell wasn’t some faggot.

I was done with these videos and done with Rose.

I went and had a cold shower, needing desperately to cool down.

I needed to fuck some hot slut… now.

I needed to regain my manhood.

Once out of the shower, I texted one of my MILF sluts.

I’m on my way over!

As expected she replied back:

I’ll be waiting.

I had often gone over there in the mornings, after her husband was gone to
work to deposit a morning load in either her mouth, pussy or ass… I had
learned that lonely housewives are the biggest sluts… but also the most
eager… the most submissive… and the most experienced.

Mrs. Parker was no exception… actually she was the poster child for
housewife sluts.

I got to her house and walked right in.

I hadn’t actually gone over to her house in over a month, but this was
around my twentieth visit and, as expected, she was ready for me in a
nightie and nothing else… her big, slightly sagging tits, barely held in
by the black lace lingerie.

“Where have you been?” she asked, as she moved to me and dropped to her

“Fucking high school sluts,” I answered.

As she fished out my cock, she sighed, “Why do you waste your time on those
inexperienced bimbos when you can have me whenever you want?”

“I like variety,” I shrugged, as she took my limp dick in her mouth.

She was a great cocksucker and took her time as I hardened in her mouth.

She purred, after a couple of minutes, “God, I love your cock.”

As she said that, my mind betrayed me, as visions of the past few videos I
watched flashed in my head.

Trying to be manly, I ordered, “And I like dirty MILF ass whores. Now bend
over the couch, I’m going to ream that asshole of yours.”

“Mmmmmm, we’re horny today,” she purred, quickly deep throating me, before
she stood up and got in the position ordered. She was a very submissive,
obedient little slut.

Usually, I enjoy a lengthy blow job first, but today I needed a rough fuck
and no one enjoyed one like Mrs. Parker, who could take my cock roughly in
her mouth, pussy and ass.

Today I was going to destroy her ass.

I agreed, “Today I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you.”

“Literally,” she laughed, as I moved behind her and slid into her ass. I
loved that she lubed her ass before I came over. Like I said, she was that
big of a slut. “Oh yes, God your cock is so fucking perfect.”

Wanting to reclaim my manhood, I fucked her… hard. So hard the couch
began sliding forward.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, “Ream my asshole, you nasty mother fucker.”

And I did.

And it felt so good… to be back in charge.

Having shot my load less than an hour ago, I was in for a long, reclamation

It felt great to feel like my old self… to be back in charge.

“Oh fuck, this is the best fuck ever,” Mrs. Parker moaned loudly, as her
one hand frantically rubbed her clit.

“You going to come from getting ass fucked?” I asked, knowing she
was… she had many times before.

“God, yes,” she whimpered, “you make me a complete come slut.”

“I know I do,” I smiled, feeling like a man.

I fucked her ass for at least fifteen minutes and through two orgasms for
the nasty ass slut before I finally found my balls boiling. I pulled out
and ordered, “Knees, slut.”

Even though I had never shoved my dick in a girl’s mouth after poking her
ass, I was in a zone and wanting to prove my manhood to myself.

She obeyed, like the submissive slut she was, and I slid my pulsing cock in
her mouth. I fucked her face hard, my balls bouncing off her chin, the
sounds of slobbering echoing through the room until I deposited my load
down her throat.

Once done, I pulled out and she said, “Wow, that was unexpected.”

I shrugged, “I knew that was what you wanted.”

“You know me so well,” she said, leaning forward and taking my cock back in
her mouth.

“I’m late for school,” I said, as I began to get dressed.

“Well, I’m always here for some physical education,” she said.

I laughed, “You are quite the workout.”

“And it burns a lot of calories.”

“And the protein shake at the end is good for you.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

I headed out, went to school and had a great day until last class. Gym.

In the change room, for the first time ever, I couldn’t help but check out
other guy’s cocks.

My buddy Mike had a short one, but thick.

My other buddy in my class, Eddie, had a long one, but thin.

I tried to be sly, but I looked at almost all my classmates.

The black cock theory was pretty true as all three black classmates had
impressive cocks… all bigger than mine.

But the biggest cock, was the biggest surprise… Eugene. It was fucking
huge… like a third leg.

I couldn’t help it, but I stared at it… too long.

Worse… I felt my own cock getting hard.

Mortified, I quickly went to a stall to hide my growing cock.

I jerked off, quickly, to get rid of my erection, knowing that the videos I
was watching were definitely having an influence on me.

I was even more determined to end this thing with Rose… pussy wasn’t
worth it.

After school, I got a text from Rose:

What number have you watched to?

This was my chance. This was my opportunity to break the hold she seemed to
have over me.

I replied:

I watched six this morning, but I’m not watching anymore.

She replied:

You sure. Only four more. And the last one, we will watch together.
Tomorrow night. Are you ditching me?


God, I wanted her.

I wanted to find a way to break her spell over me.

I replied:

I’m not ditching you. I just don’t want to watch the videos.

She replied:

Watch videos 7-9 in a row tonight and don’t come until you’re done. Then
be at my dorm room at exactly six. Or don’t. Then watch Q2 in the
morning. Obey! And I will give you what you really want!!!

I sighed. Read the word `Obey;’… and recalled the word used more than
once in the videos.

I texted back, a couple of minutes later:

I’m not sure.

But, she never responded back.

That night, at a party I got drunk.

I flirted.

I made out with three different girls.

And I was closing in on a cute blonde from the rival school.

Yet, every time I kissed a girl it was Rose that popped into my head.

In the end, I knew I had to see her again.

I’d watch the videos, control myself and then….

I left the party early, rejected a sexy blonde who was more than willing to
fuck me, and headed home.

Once home, I got into bed, got back up and locked the door, got back into
bed, turned on my laptop, put my headphones on and clicked on video 7.

This one was shorter. Under five minutes and mostly in slow motion.

A young redhead on her back with the words LIE BACK crossed the screen. A
brunette with a blindfold… a cock tracing her lips with the word RELAX.
A blue eyed blonde with a cock sliding in and out of her mouth and the
words JUST BREATHE. A blonde with a ponytail on her knees sucking cock
with the word OBEY.

A chubby girl with huge tits swaying on all fours with the words EMPTY YOUR
MIND. An older MILF with a few loads all over her face with the word
ACCEPT. An Asian stroking two cocks while sucking another with the words
JUST BOB. A big bootied Latina getting fucked by one big cock while she
sucked another with the word OBEY.

A teacher on her chair with a big dick in front of her on her desk with the
words OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE. A blonde cheerleader, still in uniform,
holding pom poms, as a cock tapped her lips and she kept trying to get it
in her mouth with the word MINDLESS. A MILF with three loads spraying into
her mouth simultaneously with the words JUST SWALLOW. A nurse sucking a
well hung man while a woman was asleep in the bed with the word OBEY.

A pretty blonde with purple streaks in her hair, on her knees getting dp’d
while taking two loads of cum all over her face with the words THIS IS YOUR
NEW REALITY. A white woman in a maid’s outfit getting dp’d by two black
cocks while sucking on another with the word SLAVE. A black girl furiously
sucking on a white cock, deep throating it completely with every bob with
the words JUST SUCK. A brunette with pigtails, in a church confessional,
sucking a cock through a glory hole again with the word OBEY.

This is why God created you. To suck cock. OBEY This is your purpose in
life. To swallow cum. OBEY This is what you were born to do. OBEY OBEY

As it ended, I couldn’t help but notice how many times the word obey was
used. Coincidence or purposeful, based on the last texts from Rose.

Yet, I had to admit it, I felt compelled to obey.

I texted her:

I watched seven, moving on to eight.

I clicked on the eighth video, another short one, my cock rock hard,
curious what this video would be about.

Unlike most of the videos, this one had no words crossing the screen, just
a sexy voice talking over videos of girls sucking cock.

The first few videos were again in slow motion as the woman spoke in a
slow, relaxing way.

Just look at that cock The cock created just for you You want that dick
That big hard dick In your mouth.

Just stare at the cock The cock God created for you to serve On your knees
Eager to please With your mouth.

You want to suck it You want it in your mouth You need it between your

Everyone has a desire to suck An insatiable lust to suck A burning desire
to suck.

You crave that cock Accept that this is who you are. A cocksucker.

Lean forward and take it in your mouth Slowly Ever so slowly Begin bobbing
on that cock That big hard cock.

Feel its strength in your mouth Its pulsations This is what you were born
to do Suck cock Big hard cock.

Get used to it in your mouth Then go faster Show him how much you love
pleasing him Sucking his cock His big hard cock.

Suddenly I got a text.

Good boy. Pause the video and call me now.

I instantly did, dying to hear her voice.

“Hey, sexy,” she purred, sounding as sultry as the voice on the video.

“Hey, baby,” I responded back.

“Enjoying the videos?” she asked.

“They are interesting,” I answered.

“They are supposed to help you understand what it is like to be a girl,”
she explained.

“Oh,” I said, finally getting it. “That makes sense.”

“I want a man who is comfortable with his sexuality,” she continued. “A man
who can give and receive.”

I wasn’t sure what receive meant, but agreed, wanting her so badly, “I can
be whatever you want me to be.”

“That’s what I want to hear,” she said, with a moan. “Now finish watching
the video, sexy.”

I resumed watching, the voice really drawing me in. So much that the girls
sucking cock were in the background. I saw them, but I saw the cocks so
much more.

I know it was weird… but I couldn’t stop.

I had to admit… the idea of sucking cock was beginning to intrigue me.

Feel that cock sliding in and out of your mouth Doesn’t it feel soooo good?
It’s so natural to have a cock in your mouth.

And now you want his cum His thick load of cum Sliding down your throat Or
exploding all over your face.

Because you are a cock slut A cock slut for him A cum slut for him.

Say it after me I love cock.

Say it! I love cock.

“Say it, sexy,” Rose said.

“I love cock,” I said, feeling completely at her will.

I crave cum Thick creamy cum.

“I crave cum, thick juicy cum,” I repeated, my mouth watering as I watched
load after load shoot into girl’s open mouths.

I was born to suck cock Big, thick, juicy, hard cock.

I again repeated, as Rose did at the same time, “I was born to suck
cock. Big, thick, juicy, hard cock.”

You’re now a cocksucker.

And the video faded to black.

I shook my head, realizing what I said, “That was a bit strange.”

“It was fucking hot,” Rose said.

“I guess.”

“Are you hard?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Why?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered, before adding, “I just watched ten minutes of
girls sucking dick.”

“Exactly,” she said, not expanding her thought. She then said, “Let’s watch
number nine together.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Press play in three, two one, go,” she ordered.

I did.

The video started with a gorgeous girl on her knees, looking hungrily at a
big cock she was stroking. The words that came on the screen: You have an
intense craving for cock

Another girl slid her tongue up the hard shaft: You have an uncontrollable
urge to eat cum

A close-up of a huge black cock slamming into the mouth of a petite young
girl: Your purpose is to taste and swallow fresh cum from a big hard dick

“Fuck, that is a gorgeous cock,” Rose chirped in as I watched the black
cock furiously face fuck the girl.

“It’s pretty impressive,” I agreed, wishing my cock was that thick and big.

A girl’s face coated in tons of cum as another load splattered her face:
You were born to eat multiple loads of cum every day

A girl licking a big puddle of cum on the floor: Your role in life is to
feed on thick gooey cum

“I’ve witnessed cocksuckers doing that,” Rose said.

“Really?” I asked, the idea hot, but not something I had ever seen.

“Oh yeah, real cock sucking sluts will do anything for cum,” she explained.

“I can’t imagine,” I said.

“Can’t you?” she questioned.

I didn’t answer as I wasn’t sure what to say. Instead I resumed watching
the video.

A chubby girl on her knees furiously bobbing on a thick cock: Your most
natural position is on your knees worshipping cock after cock

A girl surrounded by six cocks, stroking two while sucking one: Nothing is
better than being surrounded by big, hard, juicy, cream shooting cocks

“Have you ever been part of a bukkake?” she asked.

“No,” I admitted, as I watched another load splatter the girl’s face.

“It’s super fucking hot,” she said, moaning again softly.

“Does bukkake turn you on?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned again.

A teacher on the floor in her classroom with four students all pumping
their cocks and aiming at her: Always keep your mouth open wide

“Look how eager she is,” Rose pointed out.

“I wish my teachers were that hot,” I said.

Another girl with her mouth wide open, in a library, which somehow made it
even hotter, three guys furiously pumping their stiff missiles: You’re
eagerly and impatiently waiting for that sweet man made cream

A girl with her tongue extended and catching a thick white load: Stick out
your tongue to catch all that yummy, yummy, cum

A nerdy girl in glasses catching a full load in her mouth, showing it to
the camera and then swallowing: Taste that tantalizing load of salty warm

“Mmmmmm, that is so hot,” Rose purred.

A blonde girl wearing a ball cap backwards in a change room swallowing one
load and then going to a second cock: One load is never enough for a
cocksucker like you

A girl on her back in a bed getting multiple loads in her mouth and on her
face: You’re starving for cum… load after load of cum

Another girl taking multiple loads, this time on a beach: Each full load
you swallow makes you crave cum even more

A girl coated in cum licking a plate full of cum: Cum is a food group for a
cocksucker like you

A hot woman in a wedding dress, on her knees with four cocks all aimed at
her face: Nothing is better than cocks aimed straight at your open mouth

“I’d like to have been at that wedding,” Rose said.

“Me too,” I laughed.

A super-hot redhead drinking a cup of cum: You are now a cum addict

“This part gets wild,” Rose informed me as the style changed.

Words flashed on the screen every couple of seconds with tons of pictures
of girls getting coated in cum.

Do it! Feed on hard cock You Love the taste Cum Cock every day Worship Cum
Flowing down your throat YOU’RE A COCKSUCKER You can’t get enough Big hard
cock You were born to suck cock Eat cum Open up wide More loads More cock
Squirting in your cock sucking mouth You moan like a slut as he comes in
your mouth YOU’RE A COCKSUCKER Salty Sweet Delicious The unique texture
Thick Slippery Creamy Once one cock finishes in your mouth Another cock
replaces it YOU’RE A COCKSUCKER Pushing straight down your throat This
feels so right Cum on your face Cum in your mouth Cum in your belly YOU’RE
A COCKSUCKER This is your destiny Cum slut Devote your life to your
addiction Cum slut Cum junky Eat semen Swallow cum YOU’RE A COCKSUCKER You
are doing what you were born to do You are on your knees in the position
you are meant to be Everyone has an innate urge to suck To bob To swallow
Sweet cum Gooey cum Salty cum YOU’RE A COCKSUCKER Worship the greatest gift
God created For you Cock Big cock Hard cock Thick cock Juicy cock It’s so

I was stroking my cock slowly, my balls boiling.

Rose said, “This part is really hot.”

The video changed to a brunette sucking a big cock.

You are her Imagine that is you on your knees Sucking that juicy cock

You are her You need cock You need to become a cock worshipping cum slut

You are her You are in love with cock You are in love with cum sliding down
your throat

You are her Craving that big hard juicy cock Craving the seed only a man
can give you

You are her Your mouth exists Only To please cock To eat cum To serve

“Pause it,” Rose ordered.

I did.

“Ready to come with me, baby?” Rose asked.

“God, yes,” I answered, never wanting to come more than I did at this

“Don’t come until the video tells you,” she ordered.

“Okay,” I agreed, “but that won’t be easy.”

“There are only a couple of minutes, maybe less, left, baby,” she
purred. “And I want you to come with me. Can you do that, baby?”

Her sexy voice, her constant use of `baby’ had me so horny. I agreed,

“Press play on the video and get ready to erupt,” Rose said.

I pressed play and the video again changed to short quick phrases with
every video being a girl with an open mouth with cum being deposited in it.

Eat cum Beg for more Gag on cock Cum addiction Tease Lick Suck Swallow Cum
Stroke Facial Knees Crave Gaze Sperm Sissy Feed Savor Salty Fate Slave
Girly Cock Junky Whore Obey Swallow Train Shaft Pump Slut Facial



“Come now, baby, come into your hand for me,” she moaned.

“Yes,” I grunted, permission given I pumped my cock furiously and
immediately shot my load into my open hand.

“I’m coming,” Rose screamed, simultaneously with my orgasm.

On the video a girl was taking load after load on her face as the final
words lingered on the screen:


“Is your cum in your hand, baby?” she asked.

“Yes,” I admitted, looking at the yummy load in my hand.

“Will you do something for me?” she asked.

“Anything,” I replied, so completely intoxicated with her.

“Wipe that cum all over your face,” she ordered.

“Really?” I asked, surprised by what she had requested.

“Yes, baby,” she moaned. “Wipe that yummy load all over your face, just
like you can do to me tomorrow night.”

Somehow I felt compelled to obey; plus, I was curious what cum felt like on
my face like the girl frozen at the end of the video with a few loads on

“Okay,” I said, taking my hand full of cum and moving it to my face.

I rubbed the cum all over my face, feeling strange and yet intrigued.

“Oh yes, baby, take that facial,” she purred.

And I suppose that was what I was doing in a strange way.

“Send me a picture,” she said.

“I’m not sure I can do that,” I said.

“Oh baby, please, I’ll make it worth your while,” she promised, her tone
dripping with sexy naughtiness.

“I guess,” I said.

“And I’ll send you a picture of the cheerleading slut that is between my
legs right now in return,” she added.

“There is a girl there?” I asked, the idea both shocking and yet hot.

“Yes, now send the picture, baby,” she demanded. “I want to see my man
being so vulnerable.”

“Okay,” I said. I put my camera on, put it to selfie and looked at my
face. My face was glistening. I took the picture and sent it before I could
change my mind, the idea of seeing a picture of a girl between her legs the
motivation I needed.

“Hmmmm, yummy,” she purred. “Here is one in return.”

I received a text with a picture of a cheerleader, a cheerleader I knew,
Camry, with her tongue extended.

“Wow!” I said.

“Yes, she is a very eager beaver,” she said.

“So I see,” I chuckled.

“I need to go and fuck her with a strap-on, so I’ll see you tomorrow at
six. Don’t be late,” she said.

“That I would like to see,” I said.

“Me in a strap-on?” she teased.


“Good to know,” she said, before hanging up.

I went and washed my cum off my face and went to bed looking forward to
finally fucking Rose tomorrow.

There was also a text from her:

Re-watch your favourite video tomorrow at four exactly, then Watch Q2 and
do exactly as it says.


So at four, I obeyed.

I chose the original good girl vs bad girl one, because I loved the two
competing voices going head to head (which I realize is an amazing pun).

My cock was dying for attention by the time it ended.

I then started the final clip on the USB… Q2.

It was slow motion pictures of cocks shooting their loads onto girl’s
faces. The slow motion made the cock look majestic: like a magical
cannon. The white gobs came out in a variety of ways: each unique and
enchanting. The girl’s face getting splattered was sexy and
thrilling… all the while a girl’s voice I recognized… undeniably
Rose’s, spoke as words came on the screen.

Look at that wonderful cock Look at it Isn’t it beautiful?

Look at the long hard shaft Look at it Don’t you want it in-between your

Look at the thick mushroom top Look at it Don’t you want to feel it stretch
your mouth?

Look at the cum rocket out of that majestic phallus Look at it Isn’t it

Look at the cum flying in mid-air Look at it Don’t you want to catch it?

Look at the thick, white, and appetizing cum Look at it Don’t you want that
in your mouth, in your belly?

Look at that girl on her knees Look at her Don’t you wish that was you?

Look at that girl with her mouth wide open Look at her Don’t you want to
replace her?

Look at that girl coated in delicious cum Look at her Don’t you want to
feel the hot semen painting your face?

Now stroke that cock of yours It’s hard isn’t it?

Stroke it as you imagine being on your knees Sucking that cock Catching
that cum Becoming the cocksucker you were born to be.

Now repeat after me as you focus on the big, juicy, hard, enticing,
addicting cock.

I heard the words, I understood the transformation that was happening, and
I knew I should resist… yet, at the moment I was so completely mesmerized
by Rose’s words and by the big cocks, that I just obeyed mindlessly.

I want to suck cock.

“I want to suck cock,” I declared, staring at the current black cock
shooting a load in the air and towards a pretty girl’s open mouth in utter
slow motion.

I want to suck cock after cock.

And as a girl servicing multiple cocks showed up on screen, I repeated, “I
want to suck cock after cock after cock.” I didn’t even realize I had added
an extra `after cock’ as I imagined being the girl on her knees.

I want to swallow loads of creamy… salty… sweet… cum.

My mouth watered, as dozens of pictures of girls getting cum sprayed
directly in their mouths flashed across the screen. I repeated, like a
bimbo, “I want to swallow loads of creamy, salty, sweet cum.”

I want a warm, sticky load of cum splattered all over my pretty face.

Watching girls get coated in an abundance of cum, I couldn’t help but be
curious what it would be like to get a facial or facials. I declared, “I
want a warm, sticky load of cum splattered all over my pretty face.”

I want to be a submissive, obedient, cock craving cum slut.

And as I watched girl after girl suck cock and get splattered in cum, I
wanted to be that girl. I declared, “I want to be a submissive, obedient,
cock craving cum slut.”

Are you ready to come, cocksucker?

“Fuck, yes,” I said to Rose’s voice.

Want hot creamy cum all over your face?

“Yes,” I mindlessly said, willing to agree to anything she had to
say… and, truth be told, I was curious what a facial would feel like.

Then get in this position.

I stared at the photo. It was a guy with three pillows lifting his ass up,
his head bent forward, so his cock was aimed directly at his face.

I wasn’t sure I could do that, flexibility wasn’t my strongest suit.

Are you in position yet? If not, pause the video until you are.

We both know you want a nice warm load of jizz on that face of yours.

And as strange as it was, I did.

I liked the taste of my own cum… much to my surprise.

I liked the feel of cum on my face when I rubbed it all over
myself… again, much to my surprise.

I would likely enjoy a fresh warm load shot directly at me. So, I got into
the position, which was indeed awkward.

And with some impressive contortion, I had my cock just inches from my

I wondered if flexible guys could suck their own cock. That would be super

Then I pressed play, as I resumed stroking my hard cock.

Suddenly a pretty blonde looked directly in the camera and spoke, although
the voice speaking was Rose.

Pump that cock. Get it ready for eruption.

Keep that mouth wide open.

Tell me you want that cum.

“I want my cum so badly,” I declared, furiously stroking my cock.

Tell me that you’re just a slut for man cum.

I didn’t hesitate even though the words sounded so gay. “I’m a cum hungry
slut for creamy man cum.”

Come for me now, cocksucker. Come all over that pretty face. Taste that
creamy man made cum. Made just for you. Come and taste the sweet salty
seed. Come now, faggot.

“Fuck,” I groaned, my balls erupting and a massive rocket of cum shooting
out of my cock and hitting me directly in the eye and forehead, even as I
heard her call me the most derogatory name one can call a man.

I couldn’t believe how warm the cum was as it hit me.

Come now, cum bucket.

The second rope hit me right in the nose and upper lip.

Come now, cum deposit.

The third rope went directly in my mouth and I eagerly swallowed the warm,
gooey, salty, and strangely textured cum. A taste that was even better
directly from the source and I instantly wished I could have caught my
entire load… as I wanted more.

That’s it, swallow your cum you fucking cum slut.

The last rope landed on my chin and chest, my intense orgasm finally
finishing its lengthy journey.

My head collapsed back onto the bed as she purred.

Such a good boy. Such a good cocksucker.

I lay there, completely spent for a good five minutes, my body still
enjoying the afterglow of pleasure.

My mind, though, was spinning with the reality that I had just given myself
a facial, that I had come exactly when I was called a `faggot’ and that my
eye was suddenly stinging.

I learned, the hard way, that getting cum in your eye stings like hell.

I got up, got dressed, wiped the cum off my face and chest with a t-shirt
and went to the bathroom.

My left eye looked like I had pink eye.

I sighed as I washed my face thoroughly, especially my eye.

The stinging faded, but the rash, or whatever it was, was still there.

Looking at the clock, I realized I was going to be late.

I texted:

On my way.

I quickly changed into a nice pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt that showed
my very impressive six pack and headed over.

I drove over, excitement and confusion coursing through me.

I had now eaten my cum, declared myself a cocksucker and given myself a
facial… it had been a weird past few days.

But… it would all be worth it… if I got to fuck Rose.

I got there, my cock already hard with anticipation, and knocked on the

Rose yelled, “Come in.”

I entered and my already hard cock flinched in my pants when I saw that
Rose was in lingerie. A black nightie, with a garter belt and matching
black stockings and high heels.

She saw my eye and laughed softly as she asked, “Didn’t close your eye?”

“No,” I admitted.

“It will go away in a few hours usually,” she explained.

“Good, to know,” I nodded, the conversation already surreal and odd.

She smiled, “Did you enjoy the last video?”

I nodded, feeling my cheeks burn with shame, “It was different.”

“Did you obey the commands I gave?” she asked, walking to me in the fucking
sexiest way ever.

I put my head down.

“Don’t be ashamed, baby,” she said, as she reached me and put her hand on
my throbbing cock. “I find men sexy only when they are willing to explore
every aspect of their sexuality.”

“Really?” I groaned, her touch sending sparks through my very being.

“Yes,” she purred, as she dropped to her knees and fished out my cock.

I couldn’t believe it was finally happening.

I watched her lean forward and take my cock in her mouth.

“Oh God,” I groaned, the velvet warmth of her mouth sending waves through

And although I had had many blow jobs in the past, many amazing blow jobs
in the past, this one was the best yet.

Maybe because the past few days had been so surreal and intense.

Maybe because I had been anticipating this for the past week.

Or maybe she was just an amazing cocksucker.

I was thankful I had come just an hour ago or I would have shot my load in

After a couple of minutes, she quit.

She stood back up and said, “Ready for the final video?”

“I watched them all,” I said.

“Oh, that was only USB one,” she said, leaning in and kissing me.

Her lips created their own electricity.

When she broke the kiss, I asked, curious, having been somewhat
disappointed that I had watched all the videos from the USB she gave me
(each one like a new present to unwap), “How many USB’s are there?”

“Four training USB’s,” she revealed, “although I have many other videos
that are just for fun,” she continued, kissing me again before finishing,
“like tonight.”

“Oh,” I said.

“So did you do exactly what the last video ordered?” she asked.

I nodded, “Yes.”

“How did it feel?”



“Kind of cool,” I admitted.

“Good,” she nodded. “Becoming one with your sexuality means being
vulnerable, being a risk taker, and willing to just let go and explore who
you are.”

“I think I’ve explored a lot of my sexuality this week,” I said.

“Oh, that is just a start,” she smiled.

“I can’t imagine what else there is,” I said.

“Oh, if you trust me, I will take you to places you didn’t even know
existed inside your conscience,” she said, as she took my cock and led me
to the couch.

“Get undressed,” she ordered, as she went to her computer, which I learned
was hooked up to her television.

I got undressed, anticipating an amazing night.

Once naked, I sat down and she sat beside me.

She asked, “Ready?”

“I was born ready,” I joked.

“You were born for something,” she quipped back, as she pressed play on the
video and reached over and stroked my cock.

The title came on.

Good Girl vs Bad Girl (Alternate Version)

Like the one I had watched twice, most recently less than two hours ago, it
had the dual voices, competing against the temptation of cock sucking.

“I just watched this one,” I revealed.

“It’s one of the best,” she nodded, her finger just rolling around my
mushroom top. Sometimes the words seemed to be the same, or similar, and
other times it was new.

Voice 1: On your knees, cocksucker Voice 2: Don’t be a bad girl, you’re a
good girl

Look up at that big juicy cock Don’t get drawn in by the majestic penis

Text: This is your true purpose in life

Reach up and stroke the hard man meat Don’t allow your hunger to control

Feel its amazing strength in your hand Don’t allow him to steal your sweet

You were born to worship cock

Rose paused the video.

“I love the slow pacing of the video,” Rose said, her hand ever so gently
stroking my cock.

“I love the dual voices,” I said, before adding, “they both drip with

“I know, they both sound like phone sex operators,” she said.

“You know this how?”

“I just know,” she smiled, pressing play and bending down to lick the shaft
of my cock.

I groaned as her tongue slithered up and down my cock.

Lean forward and take that mushroom head in your mouth You’re not a

Enjoy that cock slowly going in your eager mouth Don’t enjoy it, you’re a
good girl

Your mouth waters at the sight of a juicy cock

Rose’s tongue meandered so randomly, up my shaft, down my shaft, swirling
around my cock head… driving me wild.

Feel it harden in your mouth because of you Don’t let it get hard in your

Feel the manhood become a fuck stick Don’t let it stiffen in-between your
sweet pretty lips

You were put on this earth to be a cum deposit

Feel it pulsing and throbbing in your mouth Don’t… don’t let it pulse in
your mouth

Feel the veins as the blood rushes to the tip of the cock Don’t … don’t
allow yourself to give in to the temptation

You are exactly where the great Lord planned you to be

Rose took my cock in her mouth and deep throated me… something very few
women had been able to do.

Now start bobbing on that big juicy stiff cock Don’t allow yourself to get

Take that entire man stick in that cock sucking mouth Control yourself,
resist the temptation

Your body craves the sweet taste of cum

Come on you little cock sucking whore Take that big cock in your mouth
Don’t do it, don’t become a cocksucker

You crave the taste of cock You crave the taste of cock You crave the taste
of cock You enjoy worshipping it Resist the growing temptation, you’re a
good girl, such a good girl

You must suck big hard dicks

Rose sat back up and paused the video.

She asked, “Ready?”

“Is your lingerie black?” I joked.

“Funny you should say black,” she smiled, as she reached for the phone and
texted somebody.

I was confused, but she resumed play and ordered, “Now focus on the video.”

“I’d rather focus on you.”

“Just watch,” she said, as she moved her hand back to my throbbing
cock… fuck, she was a tease.

Worship it Enjoy it Feels so good Feels so right So natural This is where
you were meant to be On your knees On your knees On your knees Fight it!

Good sluts live on their knees

Make him cum in your mouth Down that slutty throat Make him shoot his load
in your mouth And warm your belly Open your mouth wide Resist with
everything you have, you’re not a cum whore

At the count of ten he is going to come in your mouth and you are going to
come too You’re going to feel his semen, his hot semen Don’t let him or
you’ll be aroused forever when you see a big juicy dick

Nothing matters but pleasuring the cock before you

You’re going to feel semen fill your mouth Catch his jizz on your tongue
Savour the sweet taste Swallow that hot, hot, hot, cum Don’t let him cum in
your mouth, you’re a good girl and good girls don’t suck cock, they don’t
eat cum

When he comes, you’re going to come Because cocksuckers get the most
pleasure from making others come Cocksuckers were born to please To serve
To suck To swallow Cocksucker Cocksucker Cocksucker


So much arousal, When he comes you’re going to feel so much pleasure
Pleasure unlike any you have ever experienced in your life As you
understand your purpose in life It’s so fun to be a bad girl A very good
bad girl A very good cocksucker Cocksucker Cocksucker Cocksucker Don’t
come, don’t let him come in your mouth


“Are you ready to begin your real journey to sexual liberation, baby?” Rose
asked as she paused the video right before the volcanic countdown.

“Yes,” I whimpered, my cock ready to erupt at any time.

“James, come here,” Rose said.

To my surprise, I turned to my right and a very built, black man was just a
few feet away from me… and naked. I don’t know why, but the first thing I
did was glance down to his crotch area and gasp as I saw a huge black
snake.., and it wasn’t even hard.

“Hey, baby,” he said, his voice so deep, as he walked over to us.

When he was in front of us, Rose took the massive cock and said, “What do
you think?”

I joked, “That would destroy most girls.”

James roared, “I like him already.”

“Go ahead,” Rose offered, “touch it.”

“I-um-well,” I struggled, completely intoxicated by the massive beautiful
cock in front of me.

“Go ahead, baby,” she purred, taking my hand and guiding me to it.

I didn’t resist as I felt that this was where I was meant to be.

I took it in my hand and was just in awe of its sheer girth, already
imagining how much bigger it would be once hard.

After a minute, even as my mouth betrayed me by watering, Rose said,
“James, stand beside him and let him stroke your cock while he watches the
rest of the video.

“Sure,” James nodded, moving beside me.

“Stroke his cock while you watch the rest of the video baby,” Rose ordered.

And I did, even as I wondered what it would feel like to have it in my

Ten: Suck it! Worship it! Adore it! Resist it Nine: Take it deep in your
fucking throat Don’t become a cocksucker Eight: Imagine that semen flowing
out of his cock and into your eager mouth Resist, resist, resist Seven: The
hot seed that only can be produced in the balls of a man Shit, the cock
looks so good

I couldn’t help it, but I glanced over to the big black cock I was
stroking…. a cock that was becoming indeed hard to resist.

Six: Suck that hard juicy cock, worship the sheer perfection in front of
you. Damn it, I can’t take my eyes off it

And I did again look at the massive cock that was getting harder in my

Five: Feel the hardness that you caused with that cock sucking mouth of
yours Fight it, fight it, fight it, fight it, fight it Four: Keep sucking
it, your only purpose is to please a cock Don’t be a faggot, don’t be a
faggot, don’t be a faggot, don’t be a faggot, don’t be a little fucking
cocksucker, resist

Even as I was told not to be a faggot, the term that triggered my intense
orgasm earlier today, I quit watching the video and turned to admire the
cock before me. A cock I desperately wanted in my mouth.

But I didn’t want to be a cocksucker.

I didn’t want to be a faggot.

But I did want to feel his cock in-between my lips.

I did want to feel it harden in my mouth.

My mind and body were fighting internally… knowing that once I crossed
the line there was no going back.

Three: Come on, little cocksucker, you want nothing more than to be on your
knees, sucking that beautiful cock Oh fuck, you’re going to become a
cocksucker, aren’t you?

Rose whispered, her hand back on my cock, her hot breath on my ear, “Go
ahead, baby, do what comes naturally.”

Two: You want his cum, don’t you? You want to be the perfect cocksucker
Don’t be a faggot, don’t be a little cock sucking cum bucket, resist, don’t
be a faggot

I couldn’t resist any more. I leaned forward and took the semi-erect black
cock in my mouth.

Instantly, a wave of relief coursed through me as an instant reality set
in… this was what I was born for.

One: You can literally feel the anticipation as his cock pulses in your
mouth ready to ejaculate and give you the greatest present a man can give
you… his cum Resiiiiiiiist

And God did I want to feel his cum rocket in my mouth as I ignored the good
girl inside me and became the bad girl I was conditioned to be.

“That’s so hot, baby,” Rose purred, as she kissed the back of my neck.

Zero: He’s coming all over your face, he’s filling your mouth It’s too
late, you’re a fucking cock sucking faggot

I was in awe of the sudden hardening of his cock in my mouth… it felt
like I was a magician. I felt pride rush through me as it became a fully
erect chocolate stick.

“That’s it,” Rose purred, “let it harden in your mouth, baby.”

I no longer heard the sounds of the two women, just the soft moans from
James and the whispers of Rose.

The cock was so thick that it really stretched my mouth. Yet, I wanted to
be a good cocksucker as absurd as that sounds.

Once hard, I began to slowly bob back and forth, only taking a couple of
inches at first as I tried to get used to having a cock in my mouth.

It felt completely natural.

Yet, it took time to get accustomed to a cock, especially such a huge thick
cock, in my mouth.

“Take your time,” Rose purred, just before I felt her mouth on my cock.

This only added to the incredible sexual sensation I was feeling. I was
sucking one cock while having mine sucked.

“Deeper,” James ordered, speaking for the first time.

I obeyed, as with each forward bob I attempted to take more and more of his
thick cock in my mouth.

Rose moved down and sucked my balls in her mouth, something I had only had
done a couple of times.

She was edging me like crazy.

James ordered, “Suck my balls, cocksucker.”

Being called it on video was one thing, being called it in person was
another. Yet, at the moment I was a cocksucker… and maybe I would be for
the rest of my life.

I obeyed, taking him out of my mouth and sliding my tongue down his shaft
like I had seen in many of the videos.

Reaching his balls, his big balls full of man juice, his entire cock region
completely shaved, I sucked the bag into my mouth and found a big ball.

I tried to replicate what Rose was doing to me.

“Oh yes, suck on my balls, cocksucker,” James groaned.

Hearing him groan made me excited, my cock flinching.

I moved back and forth between both balls for a couple of minutes, and when
Rose began moving back up my shaft, I did too.

I took his cock back in my mouth and resumed sucking as Rose purred, “You
look so hot with a cock in your mouth.”

That should have offended me.

Yet, instead it made me want to be an even better cocksucker.

She whispered, “You want his cock sliding in and out of your mouth.”

And I did.

James took that as a cue and began slowly fucking my face.

This was a very different feeling than being the one doing the sucking. I
felt sluttier, as if I was just his cum bucket.

That again made my cock flinch.

“You want his cum, don’t you Brian?” Rose whispered.

I moaned on his cock in response.

“Because you’re a natural little cocksucker. Be his little slut and take
his big black cock. Make him shoot his jizz wherever he wants: down that
eager throat of yours or all over that pretty face,” she whispered,
sounding like a voice in any one of the videos she had made me watch. Each
sentence only enhanced my desire to be the perfect cocksucker.

As he began to go faster in my mouth, I gagged a bit.

She whispered, “Just relax, Brian. A good cocksucker can take any cock that
is provided to her.”

Being called a’her’ was new and yet at the moment all I cared about was
getting this big black guy off.

After a moment, Rose continued the nasty talking, “Get him off and swallow
his cum, Brian. This cum will taste delicious and you will want more and
more. You’ll crave cock. You’ll be addicted to man cream. You love being
his little slut, don’t you?” she continued, as she resumed stroking my

James pulled out and I quickly replied, wanting that cock back in my mouth,
“Yes, yes, I want to be his cock sucking cum slut.”

James slid his cock back into my mouth, going faster and deeper, again
making me gag a bit.

She continued, “Take it all, bitch. Do it how he likes. Just relax and let
him fuck those cute puckered lips. Suck dick. Swallow cum. Be the mindless
cum bucket you were born to be.”

God, her words were driving me mad with lust and acceptance.

“Serve him, swallow his creamy load of cum, feel it slide down your
throat. This is what you need: to serve big cock.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

James’s breathing was getting more stunted and I assumed that meant he was

Was he going to cum down my throat?

Was he going to shoot his load on my face?

I wanted both.

I wanted to feel his cum shooting in my mouth, gliding down my throat and
filling my belly.

I also wanted to feel his warm thick load splatter on my face.

Suddenly, I heard the two voices from the video again.

Swallow It’s too late, you have to swallow it all cocksucker

Swallow You’re a faggot forever.

Swallow You’re a cum guzzling queer now and forever

And then James grunted and I felt his cock pulse, followed by his cum
pouring into my mouth.

Swallow There is no going back

And I knew there wasn’t. This was exactly what I was born to do.






I was a cocksucker.

Maybe even a faggot.

As cum exploded into my mouth, Rose took my twitching cock back in her
mouth and bobbed furiously.

James kept coming and coming and I kept swallowing and swallowing… like I
was conditioned to do.

Feel it sliding down your throat I tried to warn you cocksucker

Feel it filling your belly You’re a complete faggot now

And as I grunted and shot my load into Rose’s mouth, I knew I was hers
forever. I would do anything to feel this completely surreal, intense
pleasure again.

You are finally complete now You’re a faggot

Your life makes sense now You’re a fucking faggot

Only sucking cock makes you happy Because you’re a cock sucking, cum
addicted faggot

James pulled out once his complete deposit was made and Rose moved up,
grabbed my face and kissed me. As her tongue slid into my mouth, I felt my
cum transferred from her mouth into mine.

It was the hottest moment yet.

Cock controls you now You’ll want it every day

And as I swallowed my own cum, again, I knew it was true.

There would be no going back.

They say once you go black, you never go back.

And that may be true.

But for me, I knew that once you drop to your knees, you’ll forever need to




The end of:
Hypno Sissy: Becoming a Cocksucker




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Possibly coming someday if this story is liked by enough people:

Hypno Sissy2: Craving Cock
After swallowing his first load Brian craves more and goes looking for them.

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