Cuckold reward is a special cup of drink.

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A Cuckold story

Very soon after the wedding my wife, Linda, tired of my tiny unsatisfying cock. She began to only allow me to lick her sweet pussy to make her cum. At first, she would still allow me to masturbate. Soon, making me masturbate onto her pussy before I licked my cum from her, giving her several orgasms in the process. But that soon stopped and I was not allowed to cum at all unless she said so.


I noticed that sometimes her pussy would taste very different than other times. It quickly dawned on me that she was sleeping with other men and then coming home and having me lick her pussy. I was licking the cum from other men, men who had used my wife, men who could please her better than I, from her pretty pussy. A real man would have been disgusted and angry. He would have demanded it stop. I said nothing. I just tried to get my tongue in deeper and lick her more thoroughly anytime that she tasted “different”. My tiny cock also got hard anytime she came home and called me over to lick her, hoping that her beautiful pussy would be full of a strangers cum.

Of course she noticed. Of course she laughed and called me her cum eating cuckold. It wasn’t long before she began to tell me who the men were, how big their cocks, how hard they fucked her and how much she enjoyed it. All the time my face was buried between her lovely thighs trying hard to get all the man’s cum from her pussy to my mouth as I gave her several more orgasms.

Then one day she told me she had a “date”, but that this one was going to be different. He was coming to the house. He knew about me. He wanted to meet me. He wanted to fuck my pretty young wife in my own bed as I watched. Linda never asked me if I wanted that, she just told me that she had my outfit already laid out on our bed. I followed her to our bedroom and put on what she had laid out. A black and red corset with garter tabs, my cock cage, sheer black stockings and black four inch pumps. She then bent me over the bed, spread my cheeks, and pushed in my largest butt plug. She had me stand and turn and display myself. “Perfect” she giggled. There was no doubt her boyfriend would not see me as any kind of threat. See me feminized and humiliated, no panties so my tiny cock would be on display while locked away to accentuate how useless it is. I knew I would be required to spread my cheeks to show him the base of the plug, both to humiliate  me further and as Linda’s not too subtle hint that he could use my ass if he wanted it.

The door bell rang and Linda said “Go answer it and welcome him sissy cuck.” I did not expect that, but hobbled out to the door in my heels, opened it and said, “Welcome Sir, please come in.” Then man just laughed, walked in, and watched me trying to walk as I led him to our bedroom. As he walked behind me I knew he could see the bright pink base of my butt plug. Linda was already naked and waiting on the bed. She made me take the mans clothes off, laughing and commenting and comparing his body to mine as I did. When he was naked she made me kneel in front of him, sucking his cock until it was hard. Laughing, telling me she liked the idea of her sissy husband’s mouth making her boyfriends cock hard so she can use it to please herself. She told me I made a good “fluffer”. His cock was huge, I could not take all of it in my mouth. He was clearly much more able to please my wife than I was. Once I had him hard I was made to kneel on the floor, right next to the bed and watch and listen as he fucked my pretty young wife right in front of me. Of course, my wife laughed and pointed out how pinched my tiny cock looked as it tried to get hard in its cage. I knelt quietly as he fucked my wife for what seemed forever. His stamina was amazing. He made her cum several times with his strong cock. Made her forget I was even kneeling there. My knees ached by the time he finally filled her sweet pussy with his cum. More cum than I had ever seen.

They both lay languidly in bed together, Linda’s eyes half closed. Smiling at me she told me to go get wine for her and her boyfriend. She instructed me to pour two glasses of wine, but to bring another empty glass. I was a bit confused but quickly scurried off to do as she commanded. When I returned she set her wine glass down and stood up. Standing with her legs spread she put the empty glass beneath her and began to pee. Huge drips of her boyfriend’s cum came out with her pee and she filled the wine glass to the very top with the slimy mixture and handed it to me. Picking up her glass she smiled a very wicked smile and said, “To my sissy faggot cuckold husband” Her boyfriend laughed, and they both drank. I took the tiniest of sips from my glass. Laying back on the bed, opening her legs wide, letting me see how well used her pussy looked she told me that if I wanted to lick her pussy I would drink every bit of my “wine”. “And, faggot”, she added, “he can fill me twice more with you sucking him hard in between each time and licking me clean for him after.” My cock painfully hard in my cage, the sound of her boyfriend’s laughter in my ears, I slowly drank down every drop of the mixture in my glass.


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  1. My little cocklit is Soooo hard reading this. I want this to be me so bad and I also would drink the glass of piss wine knowing my two rewards for doing so are both laying on the bed waiting for me to clean them both. Like a starved sperm eating dog I have become. Mmmm!

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