How to release a white boy

How to release a white boy

So many white boys are trapped in a lie that has been forced on them ever since they were little boys, the lie that white boys are men.  These poor white boys live this lie daily and deep down inside, they know they are inferior in regards to the dominant Black Male, the only True Men.


Along with this tragedy, white women are forced to live a life of misery and sexual frustration along side their white counterparts.  This cycle of inadequacy has to stop, and the truth needs to be revealed in order for both white girls and white boys to live a natural and fulfilling life.

Along with this tragedy, white women are forced to live a life of misery and sexual frustration along side their white counterparts.  This cycle of inadequacy has to stop, and the truth needs to be revealed in order for both white girls and white boys to live a natural and fulfilling life.

With this in mind, I will list within the my next few posts a guideline for white girls, white boys and the Superior Black Males.  I will begin with a guideline for white girls below, as white girls play a very important part in releasing a white boys inner sissy.

First things first!  White girls, do you really love your white boys?  If you answered yes, you owe it to them to make them the happiest they can be.  The only way to make a white boy the happiest he will ever be, is by releasing his inner sissy and letting him become the feminized sissy he craves to be.  Take it from me, your white boy will thank you forever for releasing his true nature.

So lets begin shall we?

Step 1 – Acknowledgment of truth!

White girls first and foremost need to be honest with themselves.  If you’re currently in a relationship with a white boy, you know for a fact that your white boy is lacking in the sexual department.  I’m not only referring to the size if your white boys little pecker, although you already know it’s tiny, but your white boys stamina and sexual prowess leaves much to be desired!

Ladies, how many times has your white boy ejaculated prematurely?  Be honest with yourself!  White boys are 2 minute men at best!  A few strokes and they’ve shot their load, leaving you feeling used and ultimately unfulfilled.  Once they shoot their little load, they either climb off of you, or flop down beside you to fall asleep with no care or thought for your sexual needs, you know it’s true.

The reason this happens, is because white boys have been fed the lie that they are men ever since they were little boys.  Society, Family and friends perpetrate this lie, drilling into their heads that they will someday become men.  These same white boys grow up believing this lie until they are confronted with reality.  What is that reality you ask?  The Superior Dominant Black Man!  That’s right, the Black Man is the white boys reality of inferiority.  You’ll find that white boys that grow up in the inner cities are confronted at an early age with the reality that they cannot compete with the Superior Black Male and some often drop their fake manhood as soon as they come to this realization and become the true faggots they always knew they were deep down inside.

In contrast to this, white boys growing up in rural towns, like suburbs or in the country, are not exposed as readily to real men.  They only mostly see other white boys or white men and in such tend to copy what they believe to be real men.  If kept in these environments, these white boys could live their entire lives believing the lie that has been taught them by other white boys or men in their white communities.  This is a very sad state for these white boys, as even though they are taught this very lie, every white boy deep down inside already knows that they are truly not superior.  These white boys in rural towns at some point in their lives run across a Real Man, A Black Man that is, and at that very moment these white boys begin to question their own manhood.  After all, they have just been confronted with the fact that the Black Man they just met or saw on TV or on the internet was completely different from anything they have ever seen or experienced in the past.   The true Black Male is the catalyst that transforms the white boys thoughts and reality that every white boy is naturally inferior once compared to a true man, a Black Man.

This is TRUTH!  Every white boy knows this to be true and may attempt to hide this fact, but they can’t hide from their true nature and inferiority to the true Black Male.

Step 2 – Stepping outside of society norms (The Black Only White Girl)

White girls can naturally tell the difference between a Dominant Alpha Male and a Submissive Betta.  The first time this becomes self evident to the white females is when white girls come in contact with a Black Male.  White girls quickly realize that these Black Boys are not anything white girls are used to seeing.  It’s not just that these Black Boys are darker, that’s evident.  But these Black Boys are more dominant, aggressive, stronger, better built and all around more desirable to any white boy they’ve ever come in contact with.

Some white girls learn early in life that Black Boys are superior to white boys, and in turn date Black Boys right away.  This usually happens in the inner cities once these white girls get in to high school and see the contrast between Superior Black Boys and sissy faggot white boys.  These white girls are quick to become Black only girls and who can blame them, but these same white girls even though they know the truth are missing out on the opportunity to turn a white boy in to a sissy faggot for Black Cock.  Even though I agree with these white girls heading straight for the Dominant Alpha Black Males, every white girl should at very least do their part to convert at least one white boy.  I know they may feel sick even thinking about being with a white boy when they know them to be sissy faggots deep down inside.  But they must attach as many white boys to themselves before going Black for the sole purpose of degrading or demeaning these white boys in order to either hand them over to their Alpha Black Lovers as a gift, or at the very least to destroy these white boys subconsciously in order to aid in their future sissification.

Stepping outside of societies norms takes guts and strength.  Some of these inner city white girls don’t give a shit what society, friends or even family have to say in regards to them dating Black Boys.  These are the strongest of the white females and they can cause the greatest ripple in the white boys future.  If you fit in to this category, please realize your importance in the future of white boys.  You need to go above and beyond to show your true commitment to your Black Lovers.  Make as many white boys fall for you as possible and when you know they are in love with you, cheat on them with Black Boys as often as possible.  This will destroy the white boys confidence and make them question their own manhood.  Tell your white boys your sorry, that you love them, but you just can’t help yourself.  By doing this, you will be breaking down these white boys and making them realize that no matter what, they won’t be able to compete sexually with the superior Black Male.  As soon as you regain your white boys trust, cheat on him again and again making sure to get caught fucking multiple Black Boys as often as possible, all the while apologizing and telling them you love them.  Do this with as many white boys as you can, then one day, lure your white boys in to a trap, that you and your Black Lovers have planned in advance.  Once your white boy realizes that he’s been betrayed by you, he will completely give up his charade of being a male, especially after being confronted by multiple real Black Men.  At this point, you should give your white boy the choice to willfully lay down his facade of being a white male and surrender himself as a sissy faggot for Black Boys, or face the wrath of these same Black Boys as they forcefully take his so called manhood and gang rape his white ass until he’s turned out naturally.

Step 3 –  It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks!

Other white girls that are either to afraid to break from the norm or are afraid of repercussions within their family and friends, may need to take a slower approach in order to attain their goals.

White rural girls will usually stay in line with family and friends expectations of them.  These white girls will fall in love with a white boy and usually get married.  While these white boys are not readily exposed to the Dominant Superior Black Male, they do have the internet and are known to be very horny and visually needy.  While in the process of growing up and before they ever got married, these white boys have been exposed to the Superiority of the Black Mans Cock.  They have seen so many Interracial Sex videos by the time they get married and have beaten off too many times to count, watching Big Black Cocks totally destroy white girl pussy.  But I can assure you that these white boys who were completely obsessed with interracial sex, when all alone in their rooms late at night, have satisfied their true inner nature and cravings.  More than just a few times, they have searched for, viewed and masturbated to gay interracial sex!  That’s right! The internet has created a safe haven for every white boys inner dream of being taken forcefully by a real man, a Real Black Man that is.  By the time these white boys get married to their white wives, they’ve all questioned their manhood in regards to being confronted by a true Black Man.  Every white boy at this point has come to the realization that they can’t compete sexually with a real man(Black Man) and has fantasized multiple times about becoming gay for Black Men or releasing entirely their inner sissy faggot side in order to service the Superior Black Cock.  The reality of this means that you as a white girl, will never be happy just settling for a life of mediocre sex with an inferior white boy.  An inferior white boy that deep down inside has questioned his very own manhood, and is naturally predestined to become a feminine sissy faggot for Black Cock!

So white women need to set aside their fears of being judged or reticulated in regards to choosing what is best for them.  Family and friends who do not support your decision to go Black, have no reason to be a part of your life.  After all they are actively trying to make your life miserable.  White women today need to take back control of their sexuality and their future happiness.  The only way this can be done is to shed your life of people who don’t want to see you happy or want you to continue the status quo.

Step 4 – Taking control of your future happiness

White women!  In order for you and your white boy to be truly happy, you’re going to have to make some choices, and ask yourself some truthful questions.

Will you and your white boy both live the rest of your lives in sexual frustration, never attaining your true potential and real purpose in life?  Or will you take control of yours and your white boys happiness by being honest with yourself and admitting that the Black Man is Superior and should be in control of both of you?  White women are the catalyst and keys to the future happiness of not only yourself, but also your white boys and your Superior Black Lovers.  You will be happy because you will have the best of both worlds, security and wealth from your white boys, and sexual desire and fulfillment from your Black Lovers.

Here is what a natural true normal happy life would look like.

A white women would still marry a white boy of their choice.  In doing so, the white women has in place a white boy who’s purpose will be to work and provide security.

At the same time, the white women is free to pursue her sexual needs by taking on as many Black Lovers she needs in order to find her true Alpha Male.

Once the white woman has found the perfect Superior Black Alpha Male that will fulfill her sexual needs, she will invite her Black Lover to take his natural role in the white couples life.

The Superior Black Man will at this point move in to the white couples home and establish his Dominance over the white boy.  The white wife helps facilitate this by willfully handing over everything to her Black Lover, which includes her white husband.

Once the Superior Black Lover has taken control of the white couples home, he is free to fulfill his purpose of becoming the couples sexual Alpha Male.

The Black Mans role in this relationship is the Dominant Male role.  He does not work or perform any house work, as this is the white boys role going forward.  The Black Man’s role from this point on, is to be what he was born to be.  A true and Dominant Man.

White boys or husbands will be tasked with working and providing money for his white wife and her Black Lover.  White boys will also be tasked with any and all feminine roles, which include cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping or any other task the Alpha Black Male sees fit.

With these basic roles established, everyone in the home is free to become what they were naturally born to be.  The Black Man will assume his natural role as the Alpha Male figure and will be in charge.  The white women will assume her natural role of an insatiable sexual lover who is completely devoted to her Black Lover.  And the white boy will assume his natural role as a feminized faggot sissy for Black Cock, as he will be free to release himself from the lie he has lived his entire life.  The lie that he is or ever was a man.

Black Men, White Women and white boys already know that these are the natural roles they were born to fulfill.  The truth is final and deeply ingrained within all parties in this scenario and they already know the role they were destined to play.

Step 5 –  The duty of the white wife and Black Lover

The white wife and the Black Lover’s role within this relationship is one of duty.  You have to understand that unlike the white women who knows and excepts the fact that the Black Man is Sexually Superior.  Or the Black Man who knows his true role as a Dominant Alpha Male.  The poor white boy has been fed a lie from the very beginning and has had to live his entire life pretending to be something he knew from a very young age he was not.  The white boys family and friends have tried to instill the lie that these white boys were male, when in fact the very opposite has proven to be true.  These poor white boys are taught this lie from an early age and are forced to grow up with this constant inner battle for truth.  Every year of growth for these poor white boys brings more and more inner turmoil as they consistently battle their demons as they reveal daily the fact that even though they sport a set of testicles, doesn’t mean they are men.  As these white boys make it into their teen years, they have a pretty good grip on what they really are and what they’re natural fate is.  By the time these white boys are 15 years old, they will have questioned their manhood countless times.  Once white boys are introduced to Black Boys, whether in music, sports, movies, TV shows or in person, they are all faced with the same reality and deep down inside, have already come to the realization that they are not men at all, but instead were born to be a Black Man’s Sissy Bitch!  Some white boys at this point except their fate and release themselves from the lie they were taught and become the faggots they were born to be.  Other white boys will continue to perpetrate the lie and attempt to bury their true inner sissy nature, but try as they may, will not be able to keep their true desires buried.  White boys need only the slightest nudge from either White women or Black Men to release their inner sissies and become the true faggots for Black Cock they were meant to be.

So White women and Black men need to take control of white boys.  This is the natural order of things and should be the # 1 priority for all white women and Black Men.  Can you imagine being fed that lie and then even though you know it’s a lie and everything inside of you is telling you to submit to the one and only true man, The Black Man.  You instead have to suppress your true identity and live your life lying to yourself and everyone else around you?  What a tragedy these poor white boys must endure.  Which is why white women need to tell these white boys that everyone already knows they aren’t real men and that the only true men are Black Men.  This will help break down the wall of lies every white boy is living.   White women need to understand that white boys will never be happy until they are released from the lie of being a man and except their true calling of becoming a Real Man’s Bitch.

And Black Men need to dominate every white boy they come in contact with.  The best way for a Black Male to free a white boy from the lie they live everyday, is to establish their Superior Black Alpha Dominance, every chance they get.  Black Men need to offer every opportunity possible for the white boy to release his inner sissy and assume his role as the Black Man’s Sissy Bitch.  Black Men, If you’re alone with a white boy, pull out your Black Cock and stroke it in front of them.  This will break most any white boy as your Thick Black Cock is too tempting for them and their inner sissy will burst out in all it’s glory.  This is especially true if you are alone with a white boy and he feels safe that no one will find out about it.  The remainder of white boys who if faced with this scenario become embarrassed or afraid, will need a little more persuasion like perhaps putting your hand behind their head and gently coxing them towards your manhood.  The rest of the white boys who still fight your sexual advances have really suppressed their inner desires, but rest assured these same white boys still know the truth, but will not admit it under any circumstance.  These white boys need to be handled differently and with more domination and force in order to release them.  I know this may sound harsh, but I assure you they will become the sissy bitch they were born to be when it is over.  Most of the time these white boys need to be out numbered and gang raped by multiple Black Men in order to take his manhood and release his destiny.  Black men shouldn’t worry about having to do this as it is sometimes necessary in order to finally release the white boys true inner sissy.  Eventually these white boys will thank you for raping them and showing them who they truly are and they will be free to live their lives happy and fulfilled.


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  1. This made my little white cocklit hard as a little nubbin can be. This is so true and I need it to be my faith. I do not know if I could take multiple BBC all at once but would love to work my way up to it and service there BBC’s every chance I can. My nubbin cocklit is so hard thinking about this. I believe all white girls need to breed with BBC’s at age 21 so they know they need Black Cock. That way they know where the cock to breed them will come from and do not waist time with little white cocklit’s. I like the fact they marry white but breed with BBC’s and more than one as they all should. BP

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